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Caps And Taps

Bottle and jars lids, caps and closures

Closures to fit all our jars and bottles
Individual bottles sold on this website include the price of a closure.

We realise that some bottles with tamper evident closures may need to be re-used, or you may simply need a few spare caps, so we also sell closures separately. If you can't see the closure you're looking for here, please give us a call and we will do our best to help.

18mm Black Dropper CR Screw Cap

18mm black screw on child resistant (CR) cap. Comes complete with dropper insert. Inserted when the cap is screwed onto the bottle.

Dropper insert allows liquids products within to be controlled on dispensing. Ideal for aromatherapy and herbal remedies.
18mm Black Dropper CR Screw Cap
Qty: 118mmblkcrcdropx1 0.22
Qty: 2518mmblkcrcdropx25 5.40
Qty: 5018mmblkcrcdropx50 10.52
Qty: 10018mmblkcrcdropx100 19.93
Qty: 25018mmblkcrcdropx250 48.44
Qty: 50018mmblkcrcdropx500 91.33
Qty: 100018mmblkcrcdropx1000 177.12

18mm Black T/E Atomiser Spray

18mm black atomiser spray and protective cap. Once screwed on to the bottle the spray is tamper evident, and a seal will need to be broken in order to remove the black spray body.

If your product requires a fine mist application, then this is perfect for lotions, fragrances, cosmetics and much more.

Comes with a standard length tube, which on some occasions may need to be trimmed.
18mm Black T/E Atomiser Spray
Qty: 118mmblackatomx1 0.63
Qty: 2518mmblackatomx25 14.67
Qty: 5018mmblackatomx50 28.62
Qty: 10018mmblackatomx100 54.38
Qty: 20018mmblackatomx200 103.04
Qty: 30018mmblackatomx300 145.96
Qty: 50018mmblackatomx500 228.96
Qty: 60018mmblackatomx600 264.60
Qty: 100018mmblackatomx1000 429.30
Qty: 200018mmblackatomx2000 775.48
Qty: 1000018mmblackatomx10000 3579.16

18mm Aluminium Screw Cap

18mm aluminium screw cap, with EPE liner (helps preserve freshness and prevent leakage).

Compatible with our glass dropper bottles and plastic bottles.
18mm Aluminium Screw Cap
Qty: 118mmCapx1 0.12
Qty: 2518mmCapx25 2.92
Qty: 5018mmCapx50 5.67
Qty: 10018mmCapx100 11.02
Qty: 25018mmCapx250 25.99
Qty: 50018mmCapx500 50.40
Qty: 100018mmCapx1000 94.50

18mm Black Dropper T/E Screw Cap

18mm black dropper cap. Tamper proof plastic screw on cap with dropper insert. Dropper insert is the new 1.5mm faster flowing insert! Due to popular demand.

Fits our glass dropper bottles. Ideal where controlled dispensing is required
18mm Black Dropper T/E Screw Cap
Qty: 118mmBTEDCx1 0.18
Qty: 2518mmBTEDCx25 4.54
Qty: 5018mmBTEDCx50 8.84
Qty: 10018mmBTEDCx100 16.74
Qty: 25018mmBTEDCx250 40.68
Qty: 50018mmBTEDCx500 79.04
Qty: 100018mmBTEDCx1000 153.43
Qty: 125018mmBTEDCx1250 176.15

18mm/415 Natural Atomiser Spray

18mm Natural colour plastic atomiser spray, comes with protective cap.

A fine mist spray, screws on the bottle by hand, ideal for cosmetics, fragrances and more.

Comes with a 120ml Dip/Dispenser tube included
18mm/415 Natural Atomiser Spray
Qty: 118mmatomnatx1 0.49
Qty: 2518mmatomnatx25 9.83
Qty: 5018mmatomnatx50 17.47
Qty: 10018mmatomnatx100 33.21
Qty: 25018mmatomnatx250 78.63
Qty: 50018mmatomnatx500 152.90
Qty: 100018mmatomnatx1000 297.06

18mm White Nasal Spray

18mm white nasal spray head. Fits on our glass dropper bottles, comes complete with protective clear cap.

Ideal for a controlled dispensing of pharmaceutical or holistic remedies, perfect for hayfever and cold remedies.

Nasal spray atomiser Spec
18mm White Nasal Spray
Qty: 118mmwhtnasalx1 1.59
Qty: 2518mmwhtnasalx25 37.82
Qty: 5018mmwhtnasalx50 73.80
Qty: 10018mmwhtnasalx100 140.22
Qty: 25018mmwhtnasalx250 332.10
Qty: 50018mmwhtnasalx500 627.30
Qty: 50018mmwhtnasalx500* 525.00
Qty: 100018mmwhtnasalx1000 1180.80
Qty: 250018mmwhtnasalx2500 2767.50

18mm White Atomiser Spray

18mm white atomiser spray cap, screw on, with 100mm length dip tube (can be cut to desired length), complete with protective plastic cap, to prevent unwanted usage during transportation.
18mm White Atomiser Spray
Qty: 118mmNatASx1 0.53
Qty: 2518mmNatASx25 12.84
Qty: 5018mmNatASx50 25.03
Qty: 10018mmNatASx100 47.42
Qty: 25018mmNatASx250 115.27
Qty: 50018mmNatASx500 223.95
Qty: 100018mmNatASx1000 434.72

18mm Black Lotion Pump

18mm Black lotion pump to fit our glass dropper bottles, comes with protective clear cap.

Ideal for beauty serums, lotions, cosmetics and aromatherapy creams.
18mm Black Lotion Pump
Qty: 118mmblkpumpx1 0.60
Qty: 2518mmblkpumpx25 14.14
Qty: 5018mmblkpumpx50 26.91
Qty: 10018mmblkpumpx100 51.07
Qty: 25018mmblkpumpx250 120.77
Qty: 50018mmblkpumpx500 227.74
Qty: 100018mmblkpumpx1000 427.89
Qty: 250018mmblkpumpx2500 1000.70
Qty: 305018mmblkpumpx3050 1136.66
Qty: 500018mmblkpumpx5000 1794.36

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