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Airless Dispenser Bottles

Air Dispensers Group

Airless dispenser bottles
Not only do airless dispenser bottles look sleek and modern, they also come with the added bonus of prolonging the shelf life of your product and instantly add a high value, quality look and feel to your product too!

These airless containers only dispense small, precise amounts of product at a single time. There's no need to keep airless containers upright, as they can be used whilst the container is held in any position. You can almost guarantee with airless containers that nearly every bit of product will be dispensed, therefore reducing product wastage.

Product contamination is reduced due to the airless technology, getting rid of the need to use preservatives. This is ideal if your product is made from natural ingredients. Airless dispenser bottles can be used for body lotions, facial cleansers, foundation creams, eye gels, hair serums, beauty oils and a wide range of other cosmetic products.

Sizes available
15ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml, with clear or frosted bodies.

There is no minimum order required on our airless containers - so go on, treat your products to the luxury look they deserve!

15ml Airless Dispenser Bottle (Frosted Body)

15ml airless container. Polished silver and frosted body, giving your product an elegant look.

The airless technology reduces contamination, perfect for oxygen sensitive products.

With the one finger touch application button make this container perfect for the precise dispensing of a host of creams, moisturisers, serums and balms.

The screw top cap makes filling a breeze. Go on, treat your product to the look it deserves.
15ml Airless Dispenser Bottle (Frosted Body)
Qty: 1JY856A-SilFrostx1 2.31
Qty: 10JY856A-SilFrostx10 21.90
Qty: 25JY856A-SilFrostx25 51.87
Qty: 50JY856A-SilFrostx50 97.97
Qty: 100JY856A-SilFrostx100 184.42
Qty: 40015MLADFROS/SILx400 691.58
Qty: 80015MLADFROS/SILx800 1290.95
Qty: 120015MLADFROS/SILx1200 2005.58
Qty: 480015MLADFROS/SILx4800 7469.05

30ml Airless Dispenser Bottle (Frosted Body)

30ml airless container. A sleek looking, polished silver top and base with opaque plastic body.

Airless technology is perfect for oxygen sensitive products (reducing the need for preservatives). Allows the perfect dosage every time and complete usage of all your product!

Create a luxury look to your product line. Ideal for skincare products, hair serums, lotions, cosmetics - the list is endless.
30ml Airless Dispenser Bottle (Frosted Body)
Qty: 1JY856B-Silfrostedx1 2.82
Qty: 10JY856B-Silfrostedx10 27.48
Qty: 25JY856B-Silfrostedx25 66.94
Qty: 50JY856B-Silfrostedx50 126.83
Qty: 100JY856B-Silfrostedx100 239.57
Qty: 192JY856B-Silfrostedx192 392.32
Qty: 576JY856B-Silfrostedx576 1136.39
Qty: 960JY856B-Silfrostedx960 1826.34
Qty: 1536JY856B-Silfrostedx1536 2813.91
Qty: 2304JY856B-Silfrostedx2304 3483.65

50ml Airless Dispenser Bottle (Clear Body)

50ml airless container. Polished silver cap and base, clear plastic
body. Top screws off for easy filling.

Perfect for easy and precise dispensing of your product. Allows all product to be used (less wastage).

Create a luxury look to your productline. suitable for body lotions, cosmetics, haircare lotions, baby products..

Airless technology keeps the oxygen out of your product increasing the shelf life and reduces the need for preservatives.
50ml Airless Dispenser Bottle (Clear Body)
Qty: 1JY852C-SilClearx1 2.65
Qty: 10JY852C-SilClearx10 25.20
Qty: 25JY852C-SilClearx25 61.34
Qty: 50JY852C-SilClearx50 119.37
Qty: 100JY852C-SilClearx100 225.47
Qty: 192JY852C-SilClearx192 407.44
Qty: 576JY852C-SilClearx576 1145.94
Qty: 960JY852C-SilClearx960 1782.57
Qty: 2304JY852C-SilClearx2304 4125.37

50ml Airless Dispenser Bottle (Frosted Body)

50ml airless container. A sleek design with polished silver top and base, frosted plastic body. Easy fill due to the screw top.

Perfect for an accurate dispensing of many products, designed to use all product, ensuring less product wastage.

Suitable for lotions, creams, scrubs, moisturisers, Balms, hair serums and much more.
50ml Airless Dispenser Bottle (Frosted Body)
Qty: 1JY856C-SilFrostx1 2.82
Qty: 10JY856C-SilFrostx10 26.78
Qty: 25JY856C-SilFrostx25 65.18
Qty: 50JY856C-SilFrostx50 126.83
Qty: 100JY856C-SilFrostx100 239.57
Qty: 192JY856C-SilFrostx192 432.91
Qty: 576JY856C-SilFrostx576 1217.56
Qty: 960JY856C-SilFrostx960 1893.98
Qty: 2304JY856C-SilFrostx2304 4383.21

50ml Airless Dispenser White Bottle and 48mm Clear Overcap

Small 50ml airless dispenser bottle. A premium glossy white plastic bottle with airless dispenser nozzle, for the precise application of cosmetics and hair care creams, lotions and serums.

Airless dispensers do not have an internal dip tube. They are ideal for oxygen sensitive products, due to their being no air backflow into the container when dispensing.
50ml Airless Dispenser White Bottle and 48mm Clear Overcap
Qty: 150MLADW-48ADx1 1.51
Qty: 2550MLADW-48ADx25 36.88
Qty: 5050MLADW-48ADx50 71.87
Qty: 10050MLADW-48ADx100 139.95
Qty: 31250MLADW-48ADx312 424.84
Qty: 62450MLADW-48ADx624 802.47
Qty: 93650MLADW-48ADx936 1132.89
Qty: 187250MLADW-48ADx1872 2124.18
Qty: 374450MLADW-48ADx3744 3965.13
Qty: 748850MLADW-48ADx7488 7647.04

100ml Airless Dispenser Bottle (Clear Body)

100ml polished silver and clear plastic airless container. Sleek in design, with screw top cap allowing easy fill of your product.

The right packaging really does make a difference. This airless dispenser allows full usage of the product (less end user wastage).

Perfect for hair products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, moisturisers and more.

*Please note* this product is only available with a lotion pump head.
100ml Airless Dispenser Bottle (Clear Body)
Qty: 1JY852E-SilClearx1 3.79
Qty: 10JY852E-SilClearx10 36.00
Qty: 25JY852E-SilClearx25 85.26
Qty: 50JY852E-SilClearx50 161.05
Qty: 100JY852E-SilClearx100 303.16
Qty: 140JY852E-SilClearx140 397.89
Qty: 420JY852E-SilClearx420 1114.11
Qty: 700JY852E-SilClearx700 1923.16
Qty: 1680JY852E-SilClearx1680 4297.26

100ml Airless Dispenser Bottle (Frosted Body)

100ml airless container. Sleek in design with polished silver top and base, with attractive frosted look plastic body. Easy fill container due to the screw top pump.

A tough, durable bottle, ensuring accurate dispensing of product, with no wastage. Perfect for body creams, scrubs and exfoliates, serums and skin balms.
100ml Airless Dispenser Bottle (Frosted Body)
Qty: 1JY856E-SilFrostedx1 3.85
Qty: 10JY856E-SilFrostedx10 36.60
Qty: 25JY856E-SilFrostedx25 86.68
Qty: 50JY856E-SilFrostedx50 163.74
Qty: 100JY856E-SilFrostedx100 308.21
Qty: 140JY856E-SilFrostedx140 404.53
Qty: 280JY856E-SilFrostedx280 755.12
Qty: 700JY856E-SilFrostedx700 1955.21
Qty: 1680JY856E-SilFrostedx1680 4368.88

100ml Airless Dispenser White Bottle and 48mm Clear Overcap

100ml glossy white plastic bottle with airless pump dispenser mechanism. Part of our premium range of airless dispensers, which will protect oxygen sensitive products via the prevention of air backflow during use.

This premium white dispenser bottle is perfect for cosmetics and hair care products, including moisturising face creams, anti-aging serums, body lotions, hair serums and more.
100ml Airless Dispenser White Bottle and 48mm Clear Overcap
Qty: 1100MLADW-48ADx1 1.57
Qty: 25100MLADW-48ADx25 38.20
Qty: 50100MLADW-48ADx50 74.45
Qty: 100100MLADW-48ADx100 144.97
Qty: 312100MLADW-48ADx312 440.09
Qty: 624100MLADW-48ADx624 831.28
Qty: 936100MLADW-48ADx936 1173.57
Qty: 1872100MLADW-48ADx1872 2200.44
Qty: 3744100MLADW-48ADx3744 4107.48

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