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18mm Black Dropper CR Screw Cap

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18mm dropper cap

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18mm black screw on child resistant (CR) cap. Comes complete with dropper insert. Inserted when the cap is screwed onto the bottle.

Dropper insert allows liquids products within to be controlled on dispensing. Ideal for aromatherapy and herbal remedies.

Qty: 118mmblkcrcdropx1 0.24
Qty: 2518mmblkcrcdropx25 5.97
Qty: 5018mmblkcrcdropx50 11.64
Qty: 10018mmblkcrcdropx100 22.05
Qty: 25018mmblkcrcdropx250 53.59
Qty: 50018mmblkcrcdropx500 101.05
Qty: 100018mmblkcrcdropx1000 195.97

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