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18mm Black T/E Atomiser Spray

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Black spray head

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18mm black atomiser spray and protective cap. Once screwed on to the bottle the spray is tamper evident, and a seal will need to be broken in order to remove the black spray body.

If your product requires a fine mist application, then this is perfect for lotions, fragrances, cosmetics and much more.

Comes with a standard length tube, which on some occasions may need to be trimmed.

Qty: 118mmblackatomx1 0.68
Qty: 2518mmblackatomx25 15.76
Qty: 5018mmblackatomx50 30.74
Qty: 10018mmblackatomx100 58.41
Qty: 20018mmblackatomx200 110.68
Qty: 30018mmblackatomx300 156.78
Qty: 50018mmblackatomx500 245.94
Qty: 60018mmblackatomx600 284.22
Qty: 100018mmblackatomx1000 461.14
Qty: 200018mmblackatomx2000 832.99
Qty: 500018mmblackatomx5000 2002.39
Qty: 1000018mmblackatomx10000 3844.59

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