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Caps And Taps

Bottle and jars lids, caps and closures

Closures to fit all our jars and bottles
Individual bottles sold on this website include the price of a closure.

We realise that some bottles with tamper evident closures may need to be re-used, or you may simply need a few spare caps, so we also sell closures separately. If you can't see the closure you're looking for here, please give us a call and we will do our best to help.

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48mm Silver Twist Off Lid

48mm silver metal twist off lid, rubber lined. Named due to the quarter turn required to open and close.

Suitable for use with pickles and vinegar based products.
48mm Silver Twist Off Lid
Qty: 148mmSilverTOLidx1 0.13
Qty: 2548mmSilverTOLidx25 2.70
Qty: 5048mmSilverTOLidx50 5.13
Qty: 10048mmSilverTOLidx100 10.00
Qty: 25048mmSilverTOLidx250 23.64
Qty: 50048mmSilverTOLidx500 44.58
Qty: 100048mmSilverTOLidx1000 81.05

48mm Aluminium Cap (EPE Lined)

A stylish 48mm Aluminium Cap which is EPE lined to help preserve freshness and prevent leakage.
48mm Aluminium Cap (EPE Lined)
Qty: 1CAP48ALIx1 0.30
Qty: 25CAP48ALIx25 7.33
Qty: 50CAP48ALIx50 14.28
Qty: 100CAP48ALIx100 27.06
Qty: 250CAP48ALIx250 63.88
Qty: 500CAP48ALIx500 120.24
Qty: 1000CAP48ALIx1000 225.46
Qty: 2500CAP48ALIx2500 526.06

48mm (R3) Black Urea Screw Cap

Premium look black Urea screw top lid, lid has PVDC liner helping prevent leakage, whilst helping preserve the freshness of the product within.

Please note the lid liner is free from Bisphenol A.
48mm (R3) Black Urea Screw Cap
Qty: 148mmUREACapx1 0.26
Qty: 2548mmUREACapx25 6.30
Qty: 5048mmUREACapx50 12.28
Qty: 10048mmUREACapx100 21.98
Qty: 25048mmUREACapx250 51.71
Qty: 50048mmUREACapx500 96.96

48mm Smooth White PP Cap EPE Liner

Stylish 48mm White plastic screw top cap to fit pharmapac jars with a 48mm Neck.

Comes with an EPE Liner to prevent leakage and to ensure the product inside is fresh.
Qty: 1CAP48Wx1 0.12
Qty: 25CAP48Wx25 2.91
Qty: 50CAP48Wx50 5.49
Qty: 100CAP48Wx100 10.29
Qty: 250CAP48Wx250 24.00
Qty: 500CAP48Wx500 44.58
Qty: 1000CAP48Wx1000 85.72
Qty: 2500CAP48Wx2500 205.72

51mm (R3) Black Urea Screw Cap

Premium looking closure. 51mm (R3) black urea screw on cap, with a PVDC liner to preserve product freshness and help prevent leakage. The materials used to produce the lid's liner are free from Bisphenol A.

Fits our screw top glass jars with a 51mm neck.

1300 caps per box
51mm (R3) Black Urea Screw Cap
Qty: 151mmr3x1 0.37
Qty: 2551mmr3x25 8.94
Qty: 5051mmr3x50 17.44
Qty: 10051mmr3x100 33.14
Qty: 25051mmr3x250 78.49
Qty: 50051mmr3x500 148.25
Qty: 100051mmr3x1000 279.06
Qty: 130051mmr3x1300 306.09

51mm (R3) Aluminium Screw Cap

51mm (R3) aluminium cap EPE lined prevent leakage whilst preserving freshness.

Compatible with a range of our plastic and glass jars.
51mm (R3) Aluminium Screw Cap
Qty: 151mmr3alcapx1 0.37
Qty: 2551mmr3alcapx25 8.74
Qty: 5051mmr3alcapx50 17.05
Qty: 10051mmr3alcapx100 32.39
Qty: 25051mmr3alcapx250 76.73
Qty: 50051mmr3alcapx500 144.92
Qty: 100051mmr3alcapx1000 272.79

53mm Silver Twist Off Lid

53mm silver metal twist off lid with rubber lining. Helping to prevent leakage and preserve freshness.

Only takes a quarter turn to tighten and release.
53mm Silver Twist Off Lid
Qty: 1GCAP53TOSx1 0.15
Qty: 10GCAP53TOSx10 1.40
Qty: 25GCAP53TOSx25 3.30
Qty: 50GCAP53TOSx50 6.25
Qty: 100GCAP53TOSx100 12.12
Qty: 250GCAP53TOSx250 29.39
Qty: 500GCAP53TOSx500 56.95
Qty: 1000GCAP53TOSx1000 110.20

53mm Black Twist Off Lid

53mm black twist off lid, metal with rubber lining. Keeps foods fresh.

Only takes a quarter turn to tighten and release, hence 'twist off'.
53mm Black Twist Off Lid
Qty: 153mmBlackT/Ox1 0.16
Qty: 1053mmBlackT/Ox10 1.67
Qty: 2553mmBlackT/Ox25 3.95
Qty: 5053mmBlackT/Ox50 7.48
Qty: 10053mmBlackT/Ox100 13.68
Qty: 25053mmBlackT/Ox250 33.16
Qty: 50053mmBlackT/Ox500 64.17
Qty: 100053mmBlackT/Ox1000 124.07

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