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Caps And Taps

Bottle and jars lids, caps and closures

Closures to fit all our jars and bottles
Individual bottles sold on this website include the price of a closure.

We realise that some bottles with tamper evident closures may need to be re-used, or you may simply need a few spare caps, so we also sell closures separately. If you can't see the closure you're looking for here, please give us a call and we will do our best to help.

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20mm White Lotion Pump

20mm White soap/lotion/dispenser pump

Ideal for dispensing soaps, lotions and beauty products
and fits our plastic bottles which have a 20mm neck.

The length of the thick dip tube on the pump is 110mm
and it can be cut with scissors to the desired length.
20mm White Lotion Pump
Qty: 120mmWLotionPumpx1 0.54
Qty: 2520mmWLotionPumpx25 12.93
Qty: 5020mmWLotionPumpx50 25.22
Qty: 10020mmWLotionPumpx100 47.92
Qty: 25020mmWLotionPumpx250 113.51
Qty: 50020mmWLotionPumpx500 214.40
Qty: 100020mmWLotionPumpx1000 390.96
Qty: 250020mmWLotionPumpx2500 882.82

20mm Natural Spout Cap

Bottle spout cap, 20mm in opaque plastic, comes complete with protective cap. Simply screws on by hand.

Ideal for controlled dispensing, making it perfect for glues, cosmetic products, cake making products and more

Will fit bottles with a 20mm neck/cap
size (30ml - 100ml).
20mm Natural Spout Cap
Qty: 11 x Spout Cap (20mm) 0.17
Qty: 2525/Spout Cap (20mm) 3.84
Qty: 5050/Spout Cap (20mm) 7.17
Qty: 100100/Spout Cap (20mm) 13.65
Qty: 250250/Spout Cap (20mm) 32.42
Qty: 500500/Spout Cap (20mm) 59.72
Qty: 10001000/Spout Cap (20mm) 116.03
Qty: 20002000/Spout Cap (20mm) 225.24

20mm White Disc Top Cap

20mm White screw on disc top cap, to fit bottles with a 20mm neck.

Ideal for dispensing lotions and gels and suitable for a wide range of products.
20mm White Disc Top Cap
Qty: 120mmNatDiscx1 0.16
Qty: 2520mmNatDiscx25 3.69
Qty: 5020mmNatDiscx50 7.21
Qty: 10020mmNatDiscx100 13.69
Qty: 25020mmNatDiscx250 32.43
Qty: 50020mmNatDiscx500 61.25
Qty: 100020mmNatDiscx1000 111.70
Qty: 250020mmNatDiscx2500 252.24

20mm White CR Screw Cap

20mm child resistant cap - push down to unscrew.

The perfect protection for childhood medicines.
20mm White CR Screw Cap
Qty: 120mmWhiteCRCx1 0.25
Qty: 2520mmWhiteCRCx25 5.84
Qty: 5020mmWhiteCRCx50 11.08
Qty: 10020mmWhiteCRCx100 20.92
Qty: 25020mmWhiteCRCx250 49.22
Qty: 50020mmWhiteCRCx500 89.20
Qty: 100020mmWhiteCRCx1000 172.26
Qty: 250020mmWhiteCRCx2500 415.26
Qty: 350020mmWhiteCRCx3500 632.64

20mm Black Urea Polycone Screw Cap

20mm black urea cap with polycone liner (helps create a tight seal).

Particularly useful with oily substances. The materials used to produce black urea caps are free from Bisphenol A.
20mm Black Urea Polycone Screw Cap
Qty: 120BUCx1 0.15
Qty: 2520BUCx25 3.59
Qty: 5020BUCx50 6.99
Qty: 10020BUCx100 13.25
Qty: 25020BUCx250 31.28
Qty: 50020BUCx500 58.89
Qty: 100020BUCx1000 110.41

22mm Black Urea Screw Cap (To Fit Glass Vials)

22mm black PP screw on cap to fit our glass vials with a 22mm screw thread neck.
22mm Black Urea Screw Cap (To Fit Glass Vials)
Qty: 122mmBlkPPcapx1 0.24
Qty: 2522mmBlkPPcapx25 5.59
Qty: 5022mmBlkPPcapx50 10.59
Qty: 10022mmBlkPPcapx100 19.99
Qty: 25022mmBlkPPcapx250 48.50
Qty: 50022mmBlkPPcapx500 94.07
Qty: 100022mmBlkPPcapx1000 176.38
Qty: 250022mmBlkPPcapx2500 426.23

Din61 Black T/E Screw Cap

Din61 tamper evident cap fits our 20-30 litre stackable containers.

Din61 Black T/E Screw Cap
Qty: 1D61TEC1 0.54
Qty: 10D61TEC10 4.78
Qty: 25D61TEC25 11.34
Qty: 50D61TEC50 21.50
Qty: 100D61TECap100 40.61
Qty: 450D61TECap450BOX 161.25
Qty: 900D61TECap9002xbox 276.43
Qty: 4500D61TECap450x10box 1382.17

22mm Silver Screw Cap

22mm Brushed silver, Pre-threaded, EPE lined screw top cap.

To fit our 50ml glass flask and glass Bordeaux bottles.
22mm Silver Screw Cap
Qty: 1GCAP22SILx1 0.14
Qty: 25GCAP22SILx25 3.41
Qty: 50GCAP22SILx50 6.41
Qty: 100GCAP22SILx100 12.02
Qty: 250GCAP22SILx250 28.05
Qty: 500GCAP22SILx500 52.09
Qty: 1000GCAP22SILx1000 100.18
Qty: 2500GCAP22SILx2500 240.42

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