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Caps And Taps

Bottle and jars lids, caps and closures

Closures to fit all our jars and bottles
Individual bottles sold on this website include the price of a closure.

We realise that some bottles with tamper evident closures may need to be re-used, or you may simply need a few spare caps, so we also sell closures separately. If you can't see the closure you're looking for here, please give us a call and we will do our best to help.

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28mm White Screw Cap

28mm white, ribbed plastic screw cap. EPE lined to help prevent leakage. Order in large or small quantities.
28mm White Screw Cap
Qty: 1PK1/28mmstandardcap 0.09
Qty: 25PK10/28mmstandardcap 2.12
Qty: 50PK50/28mmstandardcap 4.02
Qty: 100PK100/28mmstandardcap 7.59
Qty: 250PK250/28mmstandardcap 17.85
Qty: 500PK500/28mmstandardcap 33.49
Qty: 1000PK1000/28mmstandardcap 64.74
Qty: 9000PK9000/28mmstandardcap 522.36

28mm 410 Black Screw Cap

28mm standard black screw cap with lining, to ensure a tight closure, helping to prevent leakage.
28mm 410 Black Screw Cap
Qty: 128BlackCapx1 0.07
Qty: 2528BlackCapx25 1.67
Qty: 5028BlackCapx50 3.17
Qty: 10028BlackCapx100 5.98
Qty: 25028BlackCapx250 14.06
Qty: 50028BlackCapx500 26.37
Qty: 100028BlackCapx1000 47.46
Qty: 250028BlackCapx2500 121.66
Qty: 500028BlackCapx5000 238.42

28mm Natural Spout Cap

Opaque spout closure, compatible with 28mm neck bottles, complete with attached protective cap.

Spout can be cut to the desired size, perfect for both runny and thick liquids.

Ideal for sauces and hair dyes etc.
28mm Natural Spout Cap
Qty: 1PK1/28mm/spout cap 0.27
Qty: 50 PK50/28mm/spout cap 11.51
Qty: 100 PK100/28mm/spout cap 20.47
Qty: 250 PK250/28mm/spout cap 48.61
Qty: 500 PK500/28mm/spout cap 92.11
Qty: 1000 PK1000/28mm/spout cap 179.10
Qty: 3024PK3024/28mm/spout cap 333.95
Qty: 5000PK5000/28mm/spout cap 682.54

28mm White Medilock (CR) Screw Cap

28mm medilock (child resistant) screw cap. Cap needs to be pushed down whilst being unscrewed. Ideal for medicines and chemical solutions.

Handy for keeping substances safe from children, perfect for childhood medicines and solutions.
28mm White Medilock (CR) Screw Cap
Qty: 128mmMedix1 0.17
Qty: 2528mmMedix25 4.26
Qty: 5028mmMedix50 8.30
Qty: 10028mmMedix100 15.74
Qty: 25028mmMedix250 38.26
Qty: 50028mmMedix500 74.33
Qty: 100028mmMedix1000 144.29

28mm White (Red Band) T/E Screw Cap

28mm white tamper evident screw cap (red band). Fits our glass sirop bottles.

Simply screw the cap on by hand to create a tamper evident seal, which has to be broken to unscrew the cap again.
28mm White (Red Band) T/E Screw Cap
Qty: 128TEOrangex1 0.14
Qty: 2528TEOrangex25 3.21
Qty: 5028TEOrangex50 6.27
Qty: 10028TEOrangex100 11.92
Qty: 25028TEOrangex250 26.66
Qty: 50028TEOrangex500 50.18
Qty: 100028TEOrangex1000 94.10
Qty: 250028TEOrangex2500 219.56

28mm White Atomiser Spray (SN)

28mm White plastic Atomiser spray head and protective clear plastic cap. Easiliy screwed on by hand, allows products to be sprayed rather than poured.

Spray head comes with standard length dip tube, which may need to be trimmed on some occasions.
28mm White Atomiser Spray (SN)
Qty: 128mmwasSNx1 0.59
Qty: 2528mmwasSNx25 13.85
Qty: 5028mmwasSNx50 27.02
Qty: 10028mmwasSNx100 51.35
Qty: 25028mmwasSNx250 121.61
Qty: 50028mmwasSNx500 229.71
Qty: 100028mmwasSNx1000 418.89
Qty: 250028mmwasSNx2500 945.88

28mm Black/Silver Lotion Pump (SN)

28mm elegant black and silver lotion pump. Pump can be locked to avoid usage during transportation.

Comes with a standard length dip tube of approx 180mm, which in some instances may need to be trimmed.
28mm Black/Silver Lotion Pump (SN)
Qty: 128mmbslpSNx1 0.73
Qty: 2528mmbslpSNx25 17.45
Qty: 5028mmbslpSNx50 34.05
Qty: 10028mmbslpSNx100 64.69
Qty: 25028mmbslpSNx250 153.23
Qty: 50028mmbslpSNx500 289.43
Qty: 100028mmbslpSNx1000 527.80
Qty: 250028mmbslpSNx2500 1191.80

28mm/400 (R3) White CR Screw Cap

Child resistant screw top cap, 28mm R3.

A child-proof cap for medicine bottles and chemical bottles.
28mm/400 (R3) White CR Screw Cap
Qty: 128mm/400R3WhCRCapx1 0.18
Qty: 2528mm/400R3WhCRCapx25 3.59
Qty: 5028mm/400R3WhCRCapx50 6.80
Qty: 10028mm/400R3WhCRCapx100 12.90
Qty: 25028mm/400R3WhCRCapx250 31.34
Qty: 50028mm/400R3WhCRCapx500 60.90
Qty: 100028mm/400R3WhCRCapx1000 111.06
Qty: 135028mm/400R3WhCRCapx1350 140.25

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