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Caps And Taps

Bottle and jars lids, caps and closures

Closures to fit all our jars and bottles
Individual bottles sold on this website include the price of a closure.

We realise that some bottles with tamper evident closures may need to be re-used, or you may simply need a few spare caps, so we also sell closures separately. If you can't see the closure you're looking for here, please give us a call and we will do our best to help.

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28mm/410 Green/White Trigger Spray

28mm/410 green and white coloured plastic trigger spray head, with an on/off option.

A screw on plastic spray head cap with a thin tube length of 260mm. The tube can be trimmed to the desired length.
28mm/410 Green/White Trigger Spray
Qty: 1TRIGGER28GWx1 0.46
Qty: 25TRIGGER28GWx25 10.93
Qty: 50TRIGGER28GWx50 21.37
Qty: 100TRIGGER28GWx100 41.72
Qty: 250TRIGGER28GWx250 101.77
Qty: 450TRIGGER28GWx450 164.85
Qty: 900TRIGGER28GWx900 293.07
Qty: 1350TRIGGER28GWx1350 412.13
Qty: 1800TRIGGER28GWx1800 531.20
Qty: 2700TRIGGER28GWx2700 769.33
Qty: 4950TRIGGER28GWx4950 1259.31
Qty: 7200TRIGGER28GWx7200 1758.46
Qty: 10350TRIGGER28GWx10350 2422.46

28mm/410 Yellow/White Trigger Spray

28mm yellow and white trigger spray head with 3 nozzle settings - off, stream and spray.

Head comes complete with standard length dip tube which can be trimmed to desired length.
28mm/410 Yellow/White Trigger Spray
Qty: 1TRIGGER28YWx1 0.46
Qty: 25TRIGGER28YWx25 10.93
Qty: 50TRIGGER28YWx50 21.37
Qty: 100TRIGGER28YWx100 41.72
Qty: 250TRIGGER28YWx250 101.77
Qty: 450TRIGGER28YWx450 164.85
Qty: 900TRIGGER28YWx900 293.07
Qty: 1350TRIGGER28YWx1350 412.13
Qty: 1800TRIGGER28YWx1800 531.20
Qty: 2700TRIGGER28YWx2700 769.33
Qty: 4950TRIGGER28YWx4950 1259.31
Qty: 7200TRIGGER28YWx7200 1758.46
Qty: 10350TRIGGER28YWx10350 2422.46

28mm/410 Blue/White Trigger Spray

28mm/410 blue and white coloured plastic trigger spray head, for plastic bottles.

Has an on/off nozzle option and has a tube length of 260mm, which can be trimmed down to your desired length with scissors.
28mm/410 Blue/White Trigger Spray
Qty: 1TRIGGER28BWx1 0.46
Qty: 25TRIGGER28BWx25 10.93
Qty: 50TRIGGER28BWx50 21.37
Qty: 100TRIGGER28BWx100 41.72
Qty: 250TRIGGER28BWx250 101.77
Qty: 450TRIGGER28BWx450 164.85
Qty: 900TRIGGER28BWx900 293.07
Qty: 1350TRIGGER28BWx1350 412.13
Qty: 1800TRIGGER28BWx1800 531.20
Qty: 2700TRIGGER28BWx2700 769.33
Qty: 4950TRIGGER28BWx4950 1259.31
Qty: 7200TRIGGER28BWx7200 1758.46
Qty: 10350TRIGGER28BWx10350 2422.46

28mm/410 Red/White Trigger Spray

28mm/410 red and white plastic trigger spray head. Has an on and off nozzle option and has a thin dip tube with a length of 260mm.

The tube can be cut to your required length.
28mm/410 Red/White Trigger Spray
Qty: 1TRIGGER28RWx1 0.46
Qty: 25TRIGGER28RWx25 10.93
Qty: 50TRIGGER28RWx50 21.37
Qty: 100TRIGGER28RWx100 41.72
Qty: 250TRIGGER28RWx250 101.77
Qty: 450TRIGGER28RWx450 164.85
Qty: 900TRIGGER28RWx900 293.07
Qty: 1350TRIGGER28RWx1350 412.13
Qty: 1800TRIGGER28RWx1800 531.20
Qty: 2700TRIGGER28RWx2700 769.33
Qty: 4950TRIGGER28RWx4950 1259.31
Qty: 7200TRIGGER28RWx7200 1758.46
Qty: 10350TRIGGER28RWx10350 2422.46

28mm/410 White Trigger Spray

28mm/410 white plastic trigger spray to fit 28mm neck bottles. Will fit our range of 250ml - 1 litre round plastic bottles (excluding juice bottles).

The trigger spray head has a 250mm length thin dip tube which can be trimmed to the desired length.
28mm/410 White Trigger Spray
Qty: 1 PK1 x 28mm Trigger Spray 0.47
Qty: 25PK25 x 28mm Trigger Spray 10.80
Qty: 50 PK50 x 28mm Trigger Spray 19.20
Qty: 100 PK100 x 28mmTrigger Spray 36.47
Qty: 250PK250 x 28mmTrigger Spray 86.38
Qty: 500PK500 x28mmTrigger Spray 182.83
Qty: 1200PK1200 x28mmTrigger Spray 380.09
Qty: 1630PK1630x28mmTrigger Spray 500.64

28mm Black Trigger Spray

28mm black plastic trigger spray with 'stream' and 'spray' options for a variety of uses. The spray also has an 'off' setting to prevent accidental use in transit.

Suitable with a range of our 28mm neck bottles and comes complete with dip tube included.
28mm Black Trigger Spray
Qty: 1TRIGGER28Bx1 0.46
Qty: 25TRIGGER28Bx25 10.80
Qty: 50TRIGGER28Bx50 19.20
Qty: 100TRIGGER28Bx100 36.48
Qty: 250TRIGGER28Bx250 86.38
Qty: 500TRIGGER28Bx500 182.82
Qty: 1200TRIGGER28Bx1200 380.09
Qty: 1630TRIGGER28Bx1630 500.63

30mm Black Twist Off Lid

30mm black metal twist off lid, rubber lined ideal for vinegar and acidic products.

Just a quarter turn needed to tighten and release once fitted to the bottle.
30mm Black Twist Off Lid
Qty: 130mmBlackTOx1 0.15
Qty: 2530mmBlackTOx25 3.43
Qty: 5030mmBlackTOx50 6.69
Qty: 10030mmBlackTOx100 12.70
Qty: 20030mmBlackTOx200 24.06
Qty: 30030mmBlackTOx300 34.08
Qty: 50030mmBlackTOx500 53.47
Qty: 100030mmBlackTOx1000 100.27
Qty: 250030mmBlackTOx2500 225.59
Qty: 500030mmBlackTOx5000 434.47

31.5mm Black Plastic T/E Cap

31.5mm Black Screw Cap to fit many of our dressing bottles.

Always check compatibility before committing to a large order
31.5mm Black Plastic T/E Cap
Qty: 1GCAP31.5BLKx1 0.27
Qty: 25GCAP31.5BLKx25 6.28
Qty: 50GCAP31.5BLKx50 11.84
Qty: 100GCAP31.5BLKx100 22.19
Qty: 250GCAP31.5BLKx250 51.80
Qty: 500GCAP31.5BLKx500 99.89
Qty: 1000GCAP31.5BLKx1000 192.37
Qty: 2500GCAP31.5BLKx2500 462.43
Qty: 4000GCAP31.5BLKx4000 710.29

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