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5ml Clear Glass Dropper Bottle & 18mm Nasal Spray

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5ml Glass Nasal Spray Bottle

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Bottle Height
Capacity 5ml
Cap size 18mm
Weight 27g
Cap Type Nasal spray applicator
Spray Tube Length 55mm
Material Glass
Colour Clear
Height with cap 94.9mm
Diameter 21.8mm
Label Height Guide 20mm

5ml clear glass dropper bottle, comes complete with 18mm white plastic nasal spray applicator, closure has protective clear plastic cap, helping to prevent contact contamination.

Spray comes with standard length dip tube, easily cut to the desired length.

Qty: 1G5MLCDROP18Nasalx1 2.18
Qty: 25G5MLCDROP18Nasalx25 51.92
Qty: 50G5MLCDROP18Nasalx50 101.31
Qty: 100G5MLCDROP18Nasalx100 192.48
Qty: 255G5MLCDROP18Nasalx255 465.01
Qty: 360G5MLCDROP18Nasalx360 620.01
Qty: 510G5MLCDROP18Nasalx510 826.68
Qty: 1020G5MLCDROP18Nasalx1020 1550.03
Qty: 2040G5MLCDROP18Nasalx2040 2893.40

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