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Glass Spice Jars

Glass Spice Jars

Glass Spice Jars

If chilli powders, herbs and spices are your thing, then our glass spice jars are exactly what you need to package them. Fill with fiery chilli powder, fragrant dried rosemary, or even cake decorations such as hundreds and thousands! Here at Ampulla, we specialise in high quality glass packaging and can find you the perfect glass spice jars with your specific needs in mind.

The straight, smooth sides of our glass spice jars make branding easy which, together with the clear glass, ensures the product within is on full display. They're perfect for showcasing the deep fiery colour of your spice mixes!

Sizes & Lids Available

Our glass spice jars are available in 3 sizes: 100ml, 140ml and 200ml, and are compatible with our ever-popular twist off, rubber lined lids. The twist off lids are available in 3 different colours: gold, silver and black, so you can match the caps to your brand colours depending on the look you want.

Our twist off caps are rubber lined, which creates an airtight lock around your jar neck and keeps your herbs and spices fresh for longer. It also stops the jar form leaking and is suitable for use with more acidic products.

The choice of single or bulk orders gives you the ability to only purchase the quantity of glass spice jars you need.

Our friendly staff are here to help: 0161 367 1414