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50ml Amber Glass Apothecary Bottle With Glass Stopper

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apothecary bottle

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Product Glass Apothecary Bottle
Capacity 50ml
Colour Amber
Material Glass
Closure glass Stopper
Weight 134g (incl. stopper)
Height without stopper 76mm
Height With stopper 85mm
Bottle Diameter 42mm
Stopper Top Diameter 41mm

50ml tough amber glass Apothecary bottle, comes complete with heavy, snug fitting ground glass stopper top.

A wide mouth bottle known also as a lab and pharmacy reagent bottle, favoured due to the amber glass, protection from UV light, making this bottle perfect for the storage of light sensitive substances, ideal for lab and pharmaceutical use.

Qty: 1RBG370050A-Sx1 7.71
Qty: 10RBG370050A-Sx10 73.20
Qty: 25RBG370050A-Sx25 173.37
Qty: 40RBG370050A-Sx40 261.98
Qty: 120RBG370050A-Sx120 762.83
Qty: 240RBG370050A-Sx240 1433.19
Qty: 480RBG370050A-Sx480 2773.91
Qty: 960RBG370050A-Sx960 5177.97
Qty: 1200RBG370050A-Sx1200 6241.31
Qty: 2400RBG370050A-Sx2400 12020.29

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