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Glass Swing Top Bottles

glass swing top bottles

Glass swing stopper bottles
If you are constantly sterilising your crown caps and quite frankly getting fed up with it, then our swing top bottles may come in handy. These faceted, green tinted, quality made glass bottles come complete with a ceramic stopper, creating an airtight seal that is perfect for a range of soft drinks and carbonated beverages.

Show off your homemade drinks and package them in the luxurious bottles they deserve. Our swing top bottles are reusable and resealable but, more importantly, they look fantastic!

Swing top bottles are perfect for home brewers, restaurants and cafes. They're suitable for the storage of sloe gins, lagers, ales, ciders, elderflower wines or even elderflower champagne.

Quality bottles you can rely on
Unlike the cheaper alternatives out there, our swing top bottles come complete with ceramic and rubber stoppers with strong metal clasps.

125ml Square Glass Swing Top Bottle and Plastic Swing Closure

This is the smallest out of our swing top range. This 125ml bottle is made from high quality clear glass.

Included in the price is a swing closure, made from lightweight and durable plastic and with a rubber washer this lid won't let you down.

Use this bottle for spirits, juices and much more.

NB: Brimful capacity 145ml
125ml Square Glass Swing Top Bottle and Plastic Swing Closure
Qty: 1G125MLCSQST-SWINGx1 1.91
Qty: 10G125MLCSQST-SWINGx10 18.13
Qty: 25G125MLCSQST-SWINGx25 42.93
Qty: 40G125MLCSQST-SWINGx40 64.87
Qty: 120G125MLCSQST-SWINGx120 183.16
Qty: 240G125MLCSQST-SWINGx240 343.43
Qty: 520G125MLCSQST-SWINGx520 719.29
Qty: 1400G125MLCSQST-SWINGx1400 1803.00

250ml Square Glass Swing Top Bottle and Plastic Swing Closure

High quality clear glass square swing top bottle.

Included in the price is a plastic swing top closure which has a rubber washer to prevent leakage and preserve freshness of any product you choose to put inside.

This bottle is perfect for juices, spirits, wines, smoothies and water.
250ml Square Glass Swing Top Bottle and Plastic Swing Closure
Qty: 1G250MLCSQST-SWINGx1 1.96
Qty: 10G250MLCSQST-SWINGx10 18.59
Qty: 25G250MLCSQST-SWINGx25 44.04
Qty: 36G250MLCSQST-SWINGx36 59.89
Qty: 108G250MLCSQST-SWINGx108 169.13
Qty: 252G250MLCSQST-SWINGx252 369.96
Qty: 504G250MLCSQST-SWINGx504 715.24
Qty: 1260G250MLCSQST-SWINGx1260 1664.79

250ml 'Costalata' Swing Top Glass Bottle & Ceramic Stopper Cap

250ml swing stopper bottle - a strong heavyweight, faceted clear glass bottle. Made from high quality, green tinted, thick walled glass, with ceramic stopper, complete with rubber seal and strong metal clasp.

Easy to seal and re-seal. Suitable for farm shops, bars, restaurants, small businesses and individuals. Great for beer, lager, cider, lemonade, elderflower champagne, sangria, limoncello, sauces, oils and dressings.
250ml 'Costalata' Swing Top Glass Bottle & Ceramic Stopper Cap
Qty: 1SP250swingx1 2.43
Qty: 12SP250swingx12 28.46
Qty: 35SP250swingx35 80.89
Qty: 105SP250swingx105 236.26
Qty: 150SP250swingx150 310.15
Qty: 245SP250swingx245 476.79
Qty: 315SP250swingx315 574.70
Qty: 385SP250swingx385 679.00
Qty: 490SP250swingx490 834.38
Qty: 980SP250swingx980 1609.16
Qty: 1960SP250swingx1960 3099.13

Ceramic Stopper Cap

Spare ceramic stopper, complete with rubber washer, ideal for creating an airtight seal. Compatible with our swing top glass bottles.

Click here to find out how to fit the stopper cap.
Ceramic Stopper Cap
Qty: 1SPceramicstopx1 0.84
Qty: 25SPceramicstopx25 20.03
Qty: 50SPceramicstopx50 38.16
Qty: 100SPceramicstopx100 72.50
Qty: 500SPceramicstopx500 324.35
Qty: 1000SPceramicstopx1000 499.59
Qty: 3000SPceramicstopx3000 1398.87
Qty: 5000SPceramicstopx5000 2248.18
Qty: 7000SPceramicstopx7000 2468.59
Qty: 10000SPceramicstopx10000 2687.10

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