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HDPE Bottles

Plastic HDPE Bottles

Plastic HDPE Bottles

HDPE (high-density polyethylene) is a durable type of plastic that is renowned for its strong properties. It is commonly used in the food, chemical and toiletry industries for this very reason! As well as being stronger than PET plastic, HDPE is impact-resistant, lightweight and flexible. This makes it one of the most commonly used plastics in the world and a great packaging material to choose for products such as household detergents and shampoo/conditioners, thanks to its fantastic chemically-resistant properties.

Our range of HDPE Bottles are compatible with a wide range of caps, that allows you to transform the bottles to be suitable for many different applications. Weve got standard screw caps, trigger sprays, atomiser sprays, spout caps and flip top caps to name just a few. Our HDPE Bottles are food grade approved and are translucent, which means that you can see the fill line of the bottles without being completely transparent. Some of our bottles are available in a natural colour, alongside our white varieties.

Our Plastic HDPE Bottles come in number of different sizes: from a small 15ml up to a large 2 Litres. This offers you the option to market your product in a range of different sizes, without having to use different shaped bottle to do so.

As well as chemicals and toiletries, HDPE Bottles are ideal for packaging products such as paints, lotions, flavourings, sauces, polishes, car shampoo and soaps! If you are looking for clear plastic bottles, we also have a range of PET Bottles ranging from 30ml to 1 Litre.

30ml Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 20mm Black Screw Cap

30ml semi-transparent HDPE plastic bottle with black standard screw on cap.

Ideal for hotel amenities such as shampoo and shower gel or chemical solutions, inks, dyes and food flavourings.

This small plastic bottle is great for throwing in a hand bag, or using as part of arts and crafts sets.
30ml Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 20mm Black Screw Cap
Qty: 130mlBlk/SC1 0.51
Qty: 2530mlBlk/SC25 12.13
Qty: 5030mlBlk/SC50 23.22
Qty: 10030mlBlk/SC100 44.32
Qty: 25030mlBlk/SC250 105.52
Qty: 50030mlBlk/SC500 200.49
Qty: 100030mlBlk/SC1000 379.86
Qty: 225030mlBlk/SC2250 807.20
Qty: 450030mlBlk/SC4500 1424.48

30ml Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 20mm White Screw Cap

30ml HDPE semi-transparent small plastic bottle. A travel sized bottle, allows product level to be seen, complete with standard white cap.

Perfect for product samples. Ideal for the storage of many liquids and solutions and available for immediate delivery.
30ml Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 20mm White Screw Cap
Qty: 130mlNat/SC1 0.51
Qty: 2530mlNat/SC25 12.41
Qty: 5030mlNat/SC50 23.73
Qty: 10030mlNat/SC100 45.31
Qty: 25030mlNat/SC250 107.87
Qty: 50030mlNat/SC500 204.97
Qty: 100030mlNat/SC1000 388.36
Qty: 225030mlNat/SC2250 825.28
Qty: 450030mlNat/SC4500 1456.37

30ml Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 20mm White CR Screw Cap

Small HDPE plastic bottle (30ml capacity), complete with white plastic child proof screw top cap, perfect if your product requires a little extra safety.

HDPE is a strong plastic, lighter and far less fragile than glass and suitable for many chemical solutions.
30ml Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 20mm White CR Screw Cap
Qty: 1hdpe&crx1 0.86
Qty: 25hdpe&crx25 20.44
Qty: 50hdpe&crx50 39.09
Qty: 100hdpe&crx100 74.62
Qty: 250hdpe&crx250 177.66
Qty: 500hdpe&crx500 337.57
Qty: 1000hdpe&crx1000 639.61
Qty: 2250hdpe&crx2250 1359.16
Qty: 4500hdpe&crx4500 2398.51

30ml Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 20mm Natural Spout Cap

30ml HDPE natural plastic bottle, comes with a spout cap with protective over cap.

A semi transparent plastic bottle, allowing the product level fill to be seen. Ideal for the controlled dispensing of hair dyes, craft paints, glues and more. Perfect for crafts and hobbies.
30ml Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 20mm Natural Spout Cap
Qty: 130mlNat/SPC1 0.86
Qty: 2530mlNat/SPC25 20.44
Qty: 5030mlNat/SPC50 39.09
Qty: 10030mlNat/SPC100 74.62
Qty: 25030mlNat/SPC250 177.66
Qty: 50030mlNat/SPC500 337.57
Qty: 100030mlNat/SPC1000 639.61
Qty: 225030mlNat/SPC2250 1359.16
Qty: 450030mlNat/SPC4500 2398.51

50ml White Round HDPE Bottle (Sur) & 28mm/400 White PP Cap

Limited Stock!
A small white 50ml HDPE bottle, this white plastic container comes with a white screw on cap with a 28mm neck.

Perfect for applications linked to pharmaceutical products, including vitamins, supplements and more.
50ml White Round HDPE Bottle (Sur) & 28mm/400 White PP Cap
Qty: 150MLWSURP-28WPPx1 0.15
Qty: 2550MLWSURP-28WPPx25 3.46
Qty: 5050MLWSURP-28WPPx50 6.53
Qty: 10050MLWSURP-28WPPx100 12.24
Qty: 25050MLWSURP-28WPPx250 28.54
Qty: 60050MLWSURP-28WPPx600 66.06
Qty: 120050MLWSURP-28WPPx1200 129.67
Qty: 240050MLWSURP-28WPPx2400 254.44
Qty: 480050MLWSURP-28WPPx4800 499.09
Qty: 960050MLWSURP-28WPPx9600 978.61

15ml White HDPE Bottle - No Cap

15ml white HDPE bottle with 18mm neck, compatible with several of our caps and closures.

A solid plastic bottle suitable for inks, dyes, colourings, flavourings, medicines and cosmetics.
15ml White HDPE Bottle - No Cap
Qty: 115MLW-NoLidx1 0.35
Qty: 2515MLW-NoLidx25 8.44
Qty: 5015MLW-NoLidx50 16.47
Qty: 10015MLW-NoLidx100 31.28
Qty: 25015MLW-NoLidx250 74.08
Qty: 50015MLW-NoLidx500 139.93
Qty: 100015MLW-NoLidx1000 263.41
Qty: 172015MLW-NoLidx1720 410.59
Qty: 344015MLW-NoLidx3440 764.55
Qty: 688015MLW-NoLidx6880 1472.44
Qty: 900015MLW-NoLidx9000 1926.16

15ml White HDPE Round Bottle & 18mm White Screw Cap

Tiny 15ml plastic bottle, made from white HDPE, with 18mm screw on cap (EPE lined to prevent leakage).

A small plastic bottle suitable for flavourings, dyes, inks and chemicals, cosmetics, paints, glues and more (bottle is not squeezy).
15ml White HDPE Round Bottle & 18mm White Screw Cap
Qty: 115mlHDPEWB/SC1 0.49
Qty: 2515mlHDPEWB/SC25 11.54
Qty: 5015mlHDPEWB/SC50 22.51
Qty: 10015mlHDPEWB/SC100 42.77
Qty: 25015mlHDPEWB/SC250 101.29
Qty: 50015mlHDPEWB/SC500 191.32
Qty: 172015mlHDPEBottlex1720 561.34
Qty: 100015mlHDPEBottlex1000 360.13
Qty: 344015mlHDPEBottlex3440 1045.27
Qty: 688015mlHDPEBottlex6880 2013.11

125ml Natural LDPE Round Bottle & 20mm White Flip Top Cap

Small 125ml plastic bottle, made from squeezable LDPE plastic, with flip top cap. Although this is a squeezable bottle, it is still made from strong, reliable plastic with the advantage of enabling the product fill level to be seen.

This is the perfect bottle for paints, glues, pastes, sauces, syrups, lubricants and lotions. The flip cap is handy for controlling the amount of product you wish to dispense.
125ml Natural LDPE Round Bottle & 20mm White Flip Top Cap
Qty: 1125mlLDPEWFlipx1 1.16
Qty: 25125mlLDPEWFlipx25 27.30
Qty: 50125mlLDPEWFlipx50 52.00
Qty: 100125mlLDPEWFlipx100 98.80
Qty: 250125mlLDPEWFlipx250 234.00
Qty: 500125mlLDPEWFlipx500 442.00
Qty: 1000125mlLDPEWFlipx1000 832.00

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