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Heatable Cooking Pots

Microwavable cooking pots

Microwaveable cooking pots
From the microwave, straight to the dinner table! You'll be forgiven if at first glance you think our luxury-look cooking pots are made from cast iron, but look again and you'll realise that they are actually made from quality polypropylene (PP) plastic. They can be heated up to 130 degrees (from minus 20 degrees) and they are food grade approved.

These luxury food pots come complete with lids and are available in a range of sizes, including an 80ml round pot, which is perfect for mayonnaise, sauces and salad dips. Our larger 2000ml oval cooking pot is ideal for ready made broths, stews, soups and other meals.

Our microwaveable, black, plastic cooking pots give a high quality look to your dishes. They are ideal for dinner parties, restaurants and functions - a sure conversation starter and a great way to get your foods noticed!

650ml Round Black Plastic Cooking Pot With Lid

650ml round black microwavable cooking pot - looks like cast iron, but is made from quality PP plastic.

Add a traditional look to your freshly made soups, broths, stews and rice dishes. Comes with a snug fitting lid, to ensure your meal stays hot and fresh - from the microwave to the dinner table.

*Not suitable for use in gas or electric ovens.
650ml Round Black Plastic Cooking Pot With Lid
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