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Mini Barrels - Wide Neck Containers

plastic wide neck containers

Large wide neck HDPE barrels
Large, robust high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic barrels, UN class 1 approved. These bulk white plastic jars are suitable for the storage and transportation of high value goods and hazardous products.

The wide neck on these containers enables easy filling and dispensing - ideal for bulk substances. They are water tight and suitable for many different products.

Our plastic mini barrels are UN certified for solids and pastes and 100% food grade approved. The barrels can also be stacked, to save on space during storage and transport.

4 Litre White HDPE Mini Barrel With Blue Screw Lid

4 litre wide neck drum (mini barrel) complete with screw top lid, and due to the unique design of the lid, this barrel offers excellent stacking ability.

A tough, durable barrel, UN Class I approved, made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. An airtight container suitable for high value foods and pharmaceutical products. Manufactured to exacting standards.
4 Litre White HDPE Mini Barrel With Blue Screw Lid
Qty: 14LWHITEBAR&LIDx1 7.40
Qty: 54LWHITEBAR&LIDx5 35.95
Qty: 104LWHITEBAR&LIDx10 69.80
Qty: 254LWHITEBAR&LIDx25 169.20
Qty: 504LWHITEBAR&LIDx50 327.84
Qty: 1004LWHITEBAR&LIDx100 613.36
Qty: 2004LWHITEBAR&LIDx200 1167.51
Qty: 2884LWHITEBAR&LIDx288 1644.67

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