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Mini Barrels - Wide Neck Containers

plastic wide neck containers

Large wide neck HDPE barrels
Our large, robust, high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic barrels are UN class 1 approved. These bulk white plastic jars are suitable for the storage and transportation of high value goods and hazardous products.

The wide neck on these containers enables easy filling and dispensing, making them ideal for bulk substances. They are water tight and suitable for many different products.

Our plastic mini barrels are UN certified for solids and pastes and 100% food grade approved. The barrels can also be stacked which saves space during storage and transport.

4 Litre White HDPE Mini Barrel With Blue Screw Lid

4 litre wide neck drum (mini barrel) complete with screw top lid, and due to the unique design of the lid, this barrel offers excellent stacking ability.

A tough, durable barrel, UN Class I approved, made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. An airtight container suitable for high value foods and pharmaceutical products. Manufactured to exacting standards.
4 Litre White HDPE Mini Barrel With Blue Screw Lid
Qty: 14LWHITEBAR&LIDx1 6.82
Qty: 54LWHITEBAR&LIDx5 33.12
Qty: 104LWHITEBAR&LIDx10 64.30

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