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HDPE Square Plastic Bottles

HDPE Square Plastic Bottles

HDPE Square Plastic Bottles

Our range of natural square plastic bottles offer you a premium image for your product groups and are available with a wide variety of closure types including lotion dispensers, mini trigger sprays, aluminium screw caps and atomiser sprays.

Our semi-transparent square plastic bottles are made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene), which is a robust, food grade, fully recyclable plastic. The HDPE gives the square plastic bottles a natural shade, which makes them versatile and able to adapt to any brands colour scheme. These HDPE bottles are suitable for packaging toiletries, hair care products, equine/vet products and shampoos, lotions, chemicals and automotive and much more.

The square shape of these plastic bottles gives them a modern edge, making them a great choice for packaging high end toiletries and shampoos aimed at the younger target market.

Sizes Available

Our square plastic bottles are available in 2 sizes: 150ml and 500ml. They come with screw top or flip top caps, which makes them suitable for products that need to be both squeezed and poured out of the bottle.

If you like these bottles, then we also have ranges of Atomiser Spray Bottles and Lotion Pump Bottles.

150ml Tall Natural HDPE Square Bottle & 24mm Black Flip Top Cap

150ml tall square, HDPE bottle complete with 24mm black flip top cap.

This semi-transparent bottle is suitable for a range of products such as toiletries, cosmetics, soaps, lotions, gels, shampoos and much more.

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150ml Tall Natural HDPE Square Bottle & 24mm Black Flip Top Cap
Qty: 1150MLNATSQT-24BlFlipx1 0.66
Qty: 25150MLNATSQT-24BlFlipx25 15.76
Qty: 50150MLNATSQT-24BlFlipx50 30.74
Qty: 100150MLNATSQT-24BlFlipx100 58.42
Qty: 250150MLNATSQT-24BlFlipx250 138.35
Qty: 500150MLNATSQT-24BlFlipx500 261.33
Qty: 1000150MLNATSQT-24BlFlipx1000 491.92
Qty: 2000150MLNATSQT-24BlFlipx2000 922.35

150ml Tall Natural HDPE Square Bottle & 24mm White Screw Cap

150ml square plastic bottle, semi-transparent, with a standard 24mm white screw cap.

The natural plastic bottle is suitable for toiletries, equine/vet products and shampoos, supplements, chemicals and automotive, household products and more.
150ml Tall Natural HDPE Square Bottle & 24mm White Screw Cap
Qty: 1SR6010SCx1 0.61
Qty: 25SR6010SCx25 14.68
Qty: 50SR6010SCx50 28.64
Qty: 100SR6010SCx100 54.43
Qty: 250SR6010SCx250 128.89
Qty: 500SR6010SCx500 243.47
Qty: 1000SR6010SCx1000 458.31
Qty: 2000SR6010SCx2000 859.33

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