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Party Platter Trays

party platter trays

Party Platter Trays

Our Party Platter Trays are just what you need to get any party started; from compartment serving trays that are perfect for chips n dips, to large sandwich trays to display an array of tasty butties!

Our plastic serving trays are made using both PET and PVC plastic. Please make a note of the material used to make your chosen product (listed in the specifications for each product) so you are aware of the recycling process for the packaging.

The Party Platter Trays are available in wide range of sizes to suit your specific needs, and come in a choice of black or clear plastic. If you are looking for more disposable plastic containers, please take a look at our plastic sauce pots, salad bowls and sushi trays.

7 Compartment Black Party Container With Clear Lid

Parties are nothing without chip n dip selections! Our 7 Compartment Black Party Container has enough room for packaging 7 types of dip, making them ideal for use by catering companies at large events. As well as dips, you could use the compartments for serving crisps, nuts or even dried fruit. The container comes with a press-down clear lid to keep the food within fresh and to prevent leakage during transit.
7 Compartment Black Party Container With Clear Lid
Qty: 50F7BPARTYx50 16.94
Qty: 100F7BPARTYx100 32.19
Qty: 200F7BPARTYx200 62.68
Qty: 400F7BPARTYx400 121.97
Qty: 800F7BPARTYx800 237.16
Qty: 1200F7BPARTYx1200 345.59
Qty: 1600F7BPARTYx1600 433.67
Qty: 2000F7BPARTYx2000 508.21
Qty: 3200F7BPARTYx3200 758.94
Qty: 6400F7BPARTYx6400 1463.66

1000cc Clear Food Tray with Hinged Lid

Pastries, cakes, biscuits all of these tasty treats are easily packaged in our 1000cc Clear Food Tray. Made from recyclable PET plastic; this container is flexible and lightweight, which makes it a great choice for mobile caterers and cafes. The hinged press down lid ensures that all food is kept fresh before consumption. Also available in a 1000cc capacity.
1000cc Clear Food Tray with Hinged Lid
Qty: 100F1000CTRAYx100 38.39
Qty: 200F1000CTRAYx200 72.95
Qty: 400F1000CTRAYx400 142.07
Qty: 800F1000CTRAYx800 276.45
Qty: 1600F1000CTRAYx1600 537.55
Qty: 2400F1000CTRAYx2400 760.24
Qty: 3600F1000CTRAYx3600 1036.69
Qty: 4800F1000CTRAYx4800 1290.11

Small Black Plastic Food Platter And Clear Lid (355mm x 250mm)

The perfect sized food platter, for all party occasions, our small (355mm x 250mm) black plastic rectangular sandwich platter base with sculptured clear lid.

Also ideal for cakes, pastries, cold meats, deli rolls, tortilla wraps, small baguettes and more.

For party planners, event organisers, wedding planners here we have a good size disposable plastic catering tray for parties, wedding buffets, children's, takeaways, delis and more.
Small Black Plastic Food Platter And Clear Lid (355mm x 250mm)
Qty: 50FPLSMLBASE&LIDx50 56.77

Mini Black Plastic Food Platter And Clear Lid (245mm x 180mm)

For cakes and fruit mixes, try our mini sized black plastic platter base (245mm x 180mm) with clear lid, for sandwiches and other convenience food.

Disposable catering tray which is 100% recyclable and ideal for sushi, small cake/sandwich selections and cold meats, the perfect size for kids party meals!
Mini Black Plastic Food Platter And Clear Lid (245mm x 180mm)
Qty: 50FPLMINIx50 30.19

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