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Filling Systems for Liquids and Semi-Solids

'Filling Solutions' Traditional methods of container filling can be costly, both in terms of time and product waste due either to overfill or spillage. In addition, most methods rely on a high level of human interface and manual handling, which can present health and safety risks. The StrongArm concept addresses all of these issues in a single compact design. The simplicity of the design and build offers both a space and a cost effective solution, resulting in a machine which is easy to maintain and troubleshoot for engineers of all levels, For further details and information see our website

nanoShell Performance Coatings for surface protection

'nanoShell' provides high performance nano coatings which have been developed to provide high levels of surface protection that last far longer than traditional coatings and are easy to apply. The nanoShell range of performance coatings have been formulated using unique, hard-wearing silicon silanes to provide protection in the form of stone sealers and impregnators, wood preservatives and rust prevention, in addition to specialised self-clean coatings to glass, metals, plastics and solar panels.

Wuff in Style

'Wuff in Style' is an online store supplying a range of luxury pet accessories for the pampered pooch. Our collection includes the latest fashion dog supplies from luxury dog collars, designer dog clothes, bling dog collar charms, dog collars, beds, leads and dog coats to luxury dog shampoo and dog cologne...Treat your best friend today!

Skin Tag Zap

'Skin Tag Zap' - removing skin tags and warts the natural way!'

La Vita Skincare

'La Vita Skincare' collections are highly active and extremely effective skin care products. The formulas contain highly active peptides, vitamins and natural botanic extracts. All products are organic and/or vegan and/or botanical.

Complete Hair Solutions

'Complete Hair Solutions' provide affordable solutions for hair loss. They specialise in non-surgical hair replacement and all hair systems are hand made, providing some of the finest hairlines in the world.

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