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50ml Clear Glass Derby Bottle & 20mm (R3) Black Urea Polycone Cap

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10ml Glass Miniature Bottle

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Type Food Grade Approved
Capacity 50ml
Weight 101g
Neck 20mm
Height 100mm
Diameter 41mm
Label Height (Approx) 40mm

50ml Clear glass Miniature spirit 'Derby' bottle complete with black screw top Polycone cap. Called Polycone due to the cone-shaped plastic liner. Creates a full airtight seal, as the liner expands to fill the bottle neck.

The perfect bottle for homemade sloe gins and flavoured Vodkas. Fragranced oils and rubs.

Qty: 1G50MLCDER-20Bx1 0.68
Qty: 25G50MLCDER-20Bx25 16.10
Qty: 50G50MLCDER-20Bx50 30.50
Qty: 100G50MLCDER-20Bx100 57.61
Qty: 250G50MLCDER-20Bx250 135.55
Qty: 500G50MLCDER-20Bx500 254.15
Qty: 1000G50MLCDER-20Bx1000 474.41
Qty: 2500G50MLCDER-20Bx2500 1186.03
Qty: 5760G50MLCDER-20Bx5760 2732.62

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