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Plastic Fruit Punnets And Deli Containers

Group of plastic deli tubs

Plastic disposable food containers
Browse through our fresh fruit punnets and food storage containers. Our high quality, affordable plastic food packaging/fruit punnets are 100% recyclable! Our plastic deli boxes offer crystal clear clarity, ideal for food display. Each container has a hinged lid to protect foods during display and transit.

Available in a range of sizes, from 250cc (handy for salads and snacks), to 1000cc (perfect for strawberries, grapes, tomatoes, cakes, takeaway meals and more).

With no minimum order, our plastic deli containers are ideal for use in fruit and veg stalls, groceries, delicatessens, salad bars, cafes and takeaways, as well as for home use. Simply order as many as you require!

Versatile takeaway plastic deli tubs. Either fill them yourself or let your customers choose for themselves!

250cc Plastic Deli Box With Hinged Lid

Crystal clear food and fruit punnet. 250cc capacity. Easy grip ridged design with press down, hinged lid, resulting in an tighter seal, Keeping food fresher for longer.

The perfect deli tub.. suitable for a range of food such as olives, nuts, coleslaw, cured meats, potato salad and more. Treat your cafe to some highly versatile deli boxes.
250cc Plastic Deli Box With Hinged Lid
Qty: 1FCB250x1 0.13
Qty: 25FCB250x25 2.96
Qty: 50FCB250x50 5.82
Qty: 100FCB250x100 11.49
Qty: 250FCB250x250 27.81
Qty: 500FCB250x500 53.84
Qty: 1000FCB250x1000 104.09
Qty: 2500FCB250x2500 251.25
Qty: 5000FCB250x5000 484.56
Qty: 10000FCB250x10000 933.23

375cc Plastic Deli Box With Hinged Lid

375cc deli food tub with hinged plastic lid. Clear, recyclable PVC plastic container for cafes, delis, caterers and take away food outlets.

This plastic deli box is the ideal size for dessert portions, enabling cake shops to give their customers the option to take away their favourite brownie, slice of cake or flapjack.
375cc Plastic Deli Box With Hinged Lid
Qty: 1FCB375x1 0.13
Qty: 25FCB375x25 3.08
Qty: 50FCB375x50 6.03
Qty: 100FCB375x100 11.92
Qty: 250FCB375x250 28.85
Qty: 500FCB375x500 55.85
Qty: 1000FCB375x1000 107.98
Qty: 2500FCB375x2500 260.65
Qty: 5000FCB375x5000 502.68
Qty: 10000FCB375x10000 968.12

750cc Plastic Deli Box With Hinged Lid

Protect your fresh foods and fruit with this clear large 750cc caterbox with hinged lid. Clear PVC plastic, 100% recyclable, take away food container for a wide range of foods.

This deep rectangular box is ideal for packaging your cafe or deli products for customers to take away, or you can let them choose to fill their own box from a salad bar or deli counter.
750cc Plastic Deli Box With Hinged Lid
Qty: 300FCB750x300 50.73

1000cc Plastic Deli Box With Hinged Lid

Extra large deep fill plastic food container. 1000cc capacity, crystal clear recyclable PVC take away box for large pasta salads, rice, curries, noodles and more.

This large catering box has a hinged press down lid to prevent leakage and transport your take away food back to the office or back home.
1000cc Plastic Deli Box With Hinged Lid
Qty: 240FCB1000x240 45.09

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