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500ml White Plastic Jerrycan & 38mm/400 White IHS Screw Cap

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small 500ml jerrycan

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Capacity 500ml
Cap size 38mm
Cap Type White Tamper-Evident
Weight 40g
Material polyethylene high-density (PEHD)
Colour White
Height Incl. Cap 127mm
Width 111mm
Depth 58mm
Box Quantity 138

500ml white HDPE plastic jerrycan with 38mm white induction heat seal (IHS) screw cap.

A sturdy container which is suitable for a range of products, including foodstuffs, water, oils, household chemicals, food colourings and dyes and more.

Qty: 1500mljerrycanx1 1.06
Qty: 25500mljerrycanx25 25.27
Qty: 50500mljerrycanx50 46.84
Qty: 100500mljerrycanx100 88.75
Qty: 138500mljerrycanx138 115.67
Qty: 276500mljerrycanx276 217.74
Qty: 552500mljerrycanx552 421.86
Qty: 828500mljerrycanx828 591.98
Qty: 1104500mljerrycanx1104 762.08
Qty: 1656500mljerrycanx1656 1102.30

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