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50ml Cobalt Blue PET Plastic Bottle & 20mm White Lotion Pump

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50ml Blue Bottle with White Lotion Pump

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Capacity 50ml
Cap size 20mm
Cap Type White Lotion Pump Cap
Material Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
Colour Cobalt Blue
Weight 12g
Height without cap 87mm
Height with cap 117mm
Diameter 36mm
Label Height 60mm

Stylish and sleek look! Cobalt blue PET plastic bottle. 50ml capacity and white lotion pump with clear over-cap.

If your product if of a thicker consistency then this bottle combination is perfect. The straight sides make labeling easy too! Ideal for bath and beauty products - A handy travel bag sized bottle!

Lotion head has a standard length dip tube, which may need to be trimmed prior to use!

Qty: 150MLBLPETTU-20WLPx1 0.89
Qty: 2550MLBLPETTU-20WLPx25 21.73
Qty: 5050MLBLPETTU-20WLPx50 41.22
Qty: 10050MLBLPETTU-20WLPx100 77.98
Qty: 25050MLBLPETTU-20WLPx250 189.37
Qty: 65050MLBLPETTU-20WLPx650 463.40
Qty: 130050MLBLPETTU-20WLPx1300 897.84
Qty: 195050MLBLPETTU-20WLPx1950 1303.32
Qty: 390050MLBLPETTU-20WLPx3900 2519.74
Qty: 780050MLBLPETTU-20WLPx7800 4691.94

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