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Plastic Tighthead Drums

Blue L-Ring Plastic Tighthead Drums

Blue L-Ring Plastic Tighthead Drums

Our blue plastic tighthead drums are similar to our open top plastic drums in size and shape, but there are key differences on how they should be used and what they should be used for. Tighthead drums are designed to store large capacities of liquids, compared to open top drums which are usually used to store dry ingredients. All of our tighthead drums are food grade and UN approved.

Tighthead drums do not have removable lids, but our smaller version (60ml Fasset Drum) does come with a black screw cap. All the other larger plastic drums have bungs built in that allow you to easily dispense the liquid within.

Sizes Available

Our plastic tighthead drums are available in the following sizes: 60 litres, 120 litres and 210 litres.

Suitable Uses

Plastic tighthead drums are suitable for the storage and transportation of chemicals, oils, lubricants, flavourings, water and foodstuffs.

Some of our plastic drums require no minimum order quantity, so you can order as little or as many as you want! Check the buying options for your chosen tighthead drum to see if this is possible.

Bung Tap Complete With Bung

Bung tap cap to fit 120 litre and 210 litre L-rings, as well as our 60 litre tighthead drum.
Bung Tap Complete With Bung
Qty: 1PK1/Bung Tap 3.76
Qty: 4PK4/Bung Tap 14.67
Qty: 6PK6/Bung Tap 21.44
Qty: 8PK8/Bung Tap 27.08
Qty: 10PK10/Bung Tap 31.97
Qty: 50PK50/Bung Tap 141.04
Qty: 30 PK30/Bung Tap 90.26
Qty: 100PK100/Bung Tap 263.28

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