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Plastic Travel Toiletry Bottles

Plastic Travel Toiletry Bottles

Plastic Travel Toiletry Bottles

Our range of small plastic toiletry bottles is just what you need for your new cosmetics or health brand! These bottles are small enough to fit into your travel bag or suitcase, making them ideal for packaging essentials that everybody takes on holiday or weekend breaks.

They are made from PET plastic, which is 100% fully recyclable, lightweight, shatterproof and suitable for use with food as well as cosmetics. Our oval shaped, clear plastic travel toiletry bottles offer you maximum product clarity, whilst retaining a professional look.

Sizes Available

These small plastic bottles come in a limited range of sizes: 50ml, 100ml and 250ml.

Suitable For Packaging A Wide Range Of Products

Our plastic travel toiletry bottles are ideal for filling with a multitude of different types of products, such as shower gels, bath oils, shampoos, body lotions, hand soaps, aromatherapy products, hair serums, hair and beauty sprays, oils, hand sanitiser gels and more. They are particularly handy for hotel amenities, gift sets, travel toiletries and samples.

Cap Options

Our plastic travel toiletry bottles are compatible with: standard screw caps, flip top and disc top caps, atomiser sprays, mini trigger sprays, lotion pumps and spout caps.

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250ml Clear PET Oval Bottle & 24mm Black Flip Top Cap

250ml clear PET plastic oval bottle complete with 24mm screw on, black flip top cap.

A great bottle for creams, lotions, soaps, toiletries, cosmetics, shower gels and grooming products.

Order in large or small quantities.
250ml Clear PET Oval Bottle & 24mm Black Flip Top Cap
Qty: 1250MLPETOVAL-24BFlipx1 0.82
Qty: 25250MLPETOVAL-24BFlipx25 19.81
Qty: 50250MLPETOVAL-24BFlipx50 38.60
Qty: 100250MLPETOVAL-24BFlipx100 71.09
Qty: 250250MLPETOVAL-24BFlipx250 172.64
Qty: 500250MLPETOVAL-24BFlipx500 324.97
Qty: 1000250MLPETOVAL-24BFlipx1000 629.63
Qty: 2000250MLPETOVAL-24BFlipx2000 1218.63

250ml Clear PET Oval Bottle & 24mm Natural Spout Cap

250ml clear oval plastic bottle, part of premium range comes complete with spout cap and attached protective cap.

Perfect for a controlled dispensing of your product, suitable for hair dyes, paints, craft glues and glitters, lubricating oils.
250ml Clear PET Oval Bottle & 24mm Natural Spout Cap
Qty: 1250mlovalspoutx1 0.84
Qty: 25250mlovalspoutx25 20.41
Qty: 50250mlovalspoutx50 39.78
Qty: 100250mlovalspoutx100 73.29
Qty: 250250mlovalspoutx250 177.98
Qty: 500250mlovalspoutx500 335.02
Qty: 1000250mlovalspoutx1000 649.10
Qty: 2000250mlovalspoutx2000 1256.33

50ml Clear PET Oval Bottle & 20mm White Atomiser Spray

50ml plastic (PET) oval bottle with a 20mm white atomiser spray and protective cap.

If your product requires a fine mist dispensing, then this could be the product for you, suitable for creams, lotions.

An environmentally friendly alternative to the aerosol, ideal for room, hair and body sprays!

Spray head has a 130mm dip tube, easily cut to the desired length with scissors.
50ml Clear PET Oval Bottle & 20mm White Atomiser Spray
Qty: 1SR1029ASx1 0.68
Qty: 25SR1029ASx25 16.57
Qty: 50SR1029ASx50 32.30
Qty: 100SR1029ASx100 59.49
Qty: 250SR1029ASx250 144.49
Qty: 500SR1029ASx500 271.98
Qty: 1000SR1029ASx1000 526.97
Qty: 2000SR1029ASx2000 1019.95

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