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Aluminium Bottles

Shop for aluminium bottles and closures

Brush effect aluminium bottles
With their attractive brush effect finish, our aluminium bottles offer a modern and stylish look for your products. The bottles are lined with epoxy/phenol formaldehyde (EPA) resin, ensuring your product does not come into direct contact with the aluminium.

Our aluminium bottles are available with a range of closures, including: standard screw caps, lotion pumps, atomiser and trigger sprays, depending how you wish your product to be dispensed.

With a range of sizes, from as small as 30ml, up to 1 litre, our aluminium bottles can be used for a wide variety of products. They're suitable for creams, lotions, waxes, polishes, hair care products, household cleaning products, car care solutions and more.

Do you like the look of our aluminium range, but want to package a cream or wax based product? Check out our aluminium jars here.

30ml Aluminium Bottle (No Cap)

Stunning brushed aluminium bottle 30ml with screw neck, compatible with 24mm closures. rust resistant.

Suitable for a host of bath and body products, polishes and much more.

Add a modern and sophisticated look to your product line.
30ml Aluminium Bottle (No Cap)
Qty: 1Alu30mlsimpnocapx1 0.71
Qty: 25Alu30mlsimpnocapx25 16.84
Qty: 50Alu30mlsimpnocapx50 32.00
Qty: 198Alu30mlsimpnocapx198 113.37
Qty: 396Alu30mlsimpnocapx396 213.40
Qty: 594Alu30mlsimpnocapx594 310.09
Qty: 792Alu30mlsimpnocapx792 400.12
Qty: 990Alu30mlsimpnocapx990 483.48
Qty: 1584Alu30mlsimpnocapx1584 746.89
Qty: 2376Alu30mlsimpnocapx2376 1080.32
Qty: 4752Alu30mlsimpnocapx4752 2080.62

30ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Aluminium Screw Cap

Give your cosmetics a modern look! 30ml brushed aluminium bottle complete with EPE lined (Foam liner, prevents leakage) aluminium cap.

A stylish bottle, enhancing any product, perfect for hair gels, waxes, body lotions, cosmetics and much more

Always held in stock!
30ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Aluminium Screw Cap
Qty: 1Alu30mlsimpx1 0.82
Qty: 25Alu30mlsimpx25 19.43
Qty: 50Alu30mlsimpx50 36.92
Qty: 198Alu30mlsimpx198 130.83
Qty: 396Alu30mlsimpx396 246.26
Qty: 594Alu30mlsimpx594 357.85
Qty: 792Alu30mlsimpx792 461.74
Qty: 990Alu30mlsimpx990 557.93
Qty: 1584Alu30mlsimpx1584 861.91
Qty: 2376Alu30mlsimpx2376 1246.69
Qty: 4752Alu30mlsimpx4752 2401.03

30ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm White Screw Cap

Give your product the WOW!! factor. Our 30ml Aluminium Bottle complete with white plastic screw top cap, EPE lined, creating a tighter seal, are always held in stock!

A brushed look metal, giving a sleek and modern look to your cosmetic, hair or body care range. The prefect bottle for your new mens cosmetic range. Tough but pleasing to the eye!
30ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm White Screw Cap
Qty: 1Alu30mlsimpx1White 0.78
Qty: 25Alu30mlsimpx25White 18.45
Qty: 50Alu30mlsimpx50White 35.06
Qty: 198Alu30mlsimpx198White 124.23
Qty: 396Alu30mlsimpx396White 233.84
Qty: 594Alu30mlsimpx594White 339.80
Qty: 792Alu30mlsimpx792White 438.45
Qty: 990Alu30mlsimpx990White 529.80
Qty: 1584Alu30mlsimpx1584White 818.44
Qty: 2376Alu30mlsimpx2376White 1183.82
Qty: 4752Alu30mlsimpx4752White 2279.95

30ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Black Screw Cap

Luxury cosmetic packaging. 30ml Aluminium bottle with black ribbed plastic screw top cap.

A tough lightweight bottle, the brushed aluminium is the perfect finish for a range of products... Hair care and cosmetic products, car care polishes, home cleaning products, and because this bottle will not rust... Ideal for your bath and body lotions too!
30ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Black Screw Cap
Qty: 1Alu30mlsimpx1Black 0.77
Qty: 25Alu30mlsimpx25Black 18.45
Qty: 50Alu30mlsimpx50Black 35.05
Qty: 198Alu30mlsimpx198Black 124.18
Qty: 396Alu30mlsimpx396Black 233.76
Qty: 594Alu30mlsimpx594Black 339.68
Qty: 792Alu30mlsimpx792Black 438.29
Qty: 990Alu30mlsimpx990Black 529.60
Qty: 1584Alu30mlsimpx1584Black 818.15
Qty: 2376Alu30mlsimpx2376Black 1183.39
Qty: 4752Alu30mlsimpx4752Black 2279.12

30ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Black/Silver Atomiser Spray

30ml Aluminium Bottle has a brush effect finish and comes with a 24mm black/silver atomiser spray with protective clear plastic cap.

Creating a modern look to your product... Suitable for cosmetics, waxes, face masks, exfoliates, household cleaning and polishing products.

Spray head comes complete with thin tube with a length of 170mm, can be cut to the desired length.
30ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Black/Silver Atomiser Spray
Qty: 130mlAlumFSx1 1.26
Qty: 2530mlAlumFSx25 30.00
Qty: 5030mlAlumFSx50 57.00
Qty: 19830mlAlumFSx198 201.96
Qty: 39630mlAlumFSx396 380.16
Qty: 59430mlAlumFSx594 552.42
Qty: 79230mlAlumFSx792 712.80
Qty: 99030mlAlumFSx990 861.30
Qty: 158430mlAlumFSx1584 1330.56
Qty: 237630mlAlumFSx2376 1924.56
Qty: 475230mlAlumFSx4752 3706.56

30ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Black/Silver Lotion Pump

Luxury look 30ml aluminium bottle, brush effect finish, comes complete with an attractive 24mm black/silver lotion pump, pump can be locked whilst your product is not in use.

Perfect for a more controlled dispensing of liquids & creams, soaps and shampoo.

Please note pump head comes complete with 210mm in length dip tube, easily cut to the desired length.

30ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Black/Silver Lotion Pump
Qty: 130mlAlumspbx1 1.22
Qty: 2530mlAlumspbx25 29.11
Qty: 5030mlAlumspbx50 55.30
Qty: 19830mlAlumspbx198 200.14
Qty: 39630mlAlumspbx396 376.73
Qty: 59430mlAlumspbx594 547.43
Qty: 79230mlAlumspbx792 706.36
Qty: 99030mlAlumspbx990 853.52
Qty: 158430mlAlumspbx1584 1318.54
Qty: 237630mlAlumspbx2376 1907.18
Qty: 475230mlAlumspbx4752 3673.08

30ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Black Mini Trigger Spray

30ml Aluminium Bottle An attractive brushed aluminium bottle complete with black plastic, fine mist trigger spray cap.

Suitable for a host of products, room fresheners, hairspray, water sprays, cleaning products etc.

Trigger head comes with a thin plastic dip tube, which measures 250mm in length.

30ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Black Mini Trigger Spray
Qty: 130mlalumtrigx1 1.27
Qty: 2530mlalumtrigx25 30.14
Qty: 5030mlalumtrigx50 57.27
Qty: 19830mlalumtrigx198 205.09
Qty: 39630mlalumtrigx396 386.04
Qty: 59430mlalumtrigx594 560.96
Qty: 79230mlalumtrigx792 723.83
Qty: 99030mlalumtrigx990 874.62
Qty: 158430mlalumtrigx1584 1351.14
Qty: 237630mlalumtrigx2376 1954.32
Qty: 475230mlalumtrigx4752 3763.89

50ml Aluminium Bottle (No Cap)

Luxury looking 30ml aluminium bottle, rust resistant. Bottle has 24mm neck, compatible with many of our 24mm screw top closures. Whether you need a pump, spray or pour. See our closure pages, for more details.

Suitable for a host of bath and body products, polishes and much more.
50ml Aluminium Bottle (No Cap)
Qty: 150mlAluBottlex1nocap 0.73
Qty: 2550mlAluBottlex25nocap 17.30
Qty: 5050mlAluBottlex50nocap 32.77
Qty: 10050mlAluBottlex100nocap 61.90
Qty: 20050mlAluBottlex200 116.52
Qty: 40050mlAluBottlex400 225.76
Qty: 80050mlAluBottlex800 436.96
Qty: 120050mlAluBottlex1200 633.59
Qty: 240050mlAluBottlex2400 1223.49
Qty: 360050mlAluBottlex3600 1769.69
Qty: 480050mlAluBottlex4800 2272.19

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