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Glass Beer Bottles & Cider Bottles

Glass Beer Bottles Cider Bottles

Glass Beer Bottles & Cider Bottles

With the increasing cost of drinking in pubs and bars these days, more and more of us are opting for a cheaper alternative. Why not give home brewing a try? Our range of glass beer bottles are perfect for large scale breweries, microbreweries and home use too, and are also great for filling with cider as well.

Colours & Sizes Available

Our glass beer bottles are available in a choice of green (330ml), amber (330ml and 500ml) and clear (330ml and 500ml) glass. Each glass beer bottle comes complete with a gold crown cap if required (26mm).

Bottle Information

Our amber-tinted glass bottles act as a filter that prevents lots of UV light entering the bottle and spoiling your brew. This handy feature is great for use with products that are more sensitive to light. You'll find that our clear glass beer and cider bottles are absolutely perfect for packaging lagers, ales, wines, ciders and even champagnes.

Please note: you will need a capping tool to fit the crown caps on to the bottles. Unfortunately we do not stock capping tools.

5ltr Mini Keg Silver c/w Bung and Handle

Silver Mini keg (Party Keg!!), 5 litre capacity with fully integrated, tamper evident tap. The tap sits close to the base and ensures the user enjoys every last drop, requires no accessories and can be resealed.

Our Party Keg is easy to use, ideal for microbreweries etc, the stackable design is perfect where space is limited.

Suitable for not just beers but ciders, wines, spirits and more.... Enjoy draught beer at home! How good would your homemade beers look in one of these? The perfect way to present your latest brew!

The keg comes with a rubber bung and attachable carry handle!

Made from Tinplate 100% Recyclable
5ltr Mini Keg Silver c/w Bung and Handle
Qty: 1BEERKEG5LSILx1 8.15
Qty: 4BEERKEG5LSILx4 31.45
Qty: 12BEERKEG5LSILx12 90.82
Qty: 24BEERKEG5LSILx24 174.67
Qty: 48BEERKEG5LSILx48 338.03
Qty: 100BEERKEG5LSILx100 675.38
Qty: 210BEERKEG5LSILx210 1369.39

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