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Glass Apothecary Bottles

Glass Apothecary Bottles

Vintage Style Glass Apothecary Bottles

Here you will find our vintage-style glass apothecary bottles. They are strong, quality glass bottles, that come complete with snug fitting glass stoppers to complete the look. They're perfect for recreating the style of the past, as well as giving a unique, rustic, high quality look to your modern day products. Our glass apothecary bottles have a wide neck to make filling and dispensing easier filling.

Our apothecary bottles can be used for: rustic flower displays, confectionery, window displays, television and theatre sets, photo shoots, craft projects, aromatherapy oils, herbal remedies, bath oils, fragrance diffusers, high end cosmetics and more. These bottles are also ideal for laboratory use.

Sizes & Colours Available

Our glass apothecary bottles are available in 50ml, 100ml and 250ml sizes. They come in a choice of 2 colours: clear glass or amber tinted glass. The amber apothecary bottles are useful if you will be using them to package light-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, as the amber tint acts as a UV light filter to protect the product within from potentially damaging UV rays.

Cap Options

Our glass apothecary bottles come complete with a matching glass stopper, which are wrapped with string to give them a traditional, medieval-esque look.

No Minimum Order Required

As with all of our products, there are no minimum order requirements on our reagent/apothecary bottles. Simply order the number of bottles that you require - whether it's 1 bottle or 1,000 bottles.

50ml Amber Glass Apothecary Bottle With Glass Stopper

50ml tough amber glass Apothecary bottle, comes complete with heavy, snug fitting ground glass stopper top.

A wide mouth bottle known also as a lab and pharmacy reagent bottle, favoured due to the amber glass, protection from UV light, making this bottle perfect for the storage of light sensitive substances, ideal for lab and pharmaceutical use.
50ml Amber Glass Apothecary Bottle With Glass Stopper
Qty: 1RBG370050A-Sx1 7.71
Qty: 10RBG370050A-Sx10 73.20
Qty: 25RBG370050A-Sx25 173.37
Qty: 40RBG370050A-Sx40 261.98
Qty: 120RBG370050A-Sx120 762.83
Qty: 240RBG370050A-Sx240 1433.19
Qty: 480RBG370050A-Sx480 2773.91
Qty: 960RBG370050A-Sx960 5177.97
Qty: 1200RBG370050A-Sx1200 6241.31
Qty: 2400RBG370050A-Sx2400 12020.29

50ml Clear Glass Apothecary Bottle With Glass Stopper

50ml glass apothecary bottle complete with snug fit glass stopper. Commonly used throughout the 18/1900s for the storage of pharmaceutical solutions.

A trusted and distinctive looking bottle, perfect for creating a luxury quirky finish for your product. Can be used for scented oils and luxury bath products, or as a room diffuser when used with fragranced oils & reeds. Makes the ideal prop for shop displays, photo shoots and still-life craft projects.
50ml Clear Glass Apothecary Bottle With Glass Stopper
Qty: 1RBG370050Cx1 7.71
Qty: 10RBG370050Cx10 73.20
Qty: 25RBG370050Cx25 173.37
Qty: 40RBG370050Cx40 261.98
Qty: 120RBG370050Cx120 762.83
Qty: 240RBG370050Cx240 1433.19
Qty: 480RBG370050Cx480 2773.91
Qty: 960RBG370050Cx960 5177.97
Qty: 1200RBG370050Cx1200 6241.31
Qty: 2400RBG370050Cx2400 12020.29

100ml Amber Glass Apothecary Bottle With Glass Stopper

Add a luxury vintage look to your scented bath oils or room diffusers with this quality made 100ml amber glass apothecary bottle, which comes complete with snug fitting glass stopper.

For the storage of scented oils and bath fragrances, or simply to replace tired old fragrance bottles - you'll find this bottle is perfect. Create days gone by for still life set ups, shop displays and craft projects.
100ml Amber Glass Apothecary Bottle With Glass Stopper
Qty: 1RBG430100Ax1 9.45
Qty: 10RBG430100Ax10 89.81
Qty: 25RBG430100Ax25 212.70
Qty: 48RBG430100Ax48 385.67
Qty: 144RBG430100Ax144 1123.00
Qty: 240RBG430100Ax240 1758.24
Qty: 480RBG430100Ax480 3403.05
Qty: 960RBG430100Ax960 6352.35
Qty: 1200RBG430100Ax1200 7656.85
Qty: 2160RBG430100Ax2160 13271.88

100ml Clear Glass Apothecary Bottle With Glass Stopper

Glass apothecary bottle and glass stopper. 100ml capacity. A tough heavy glass bottle with a quality stopper.

For shop front displays, amateur dramatics and still life projects, these bottles are perfect, especially if you require a vintage look. Used through history to store weird pharmaceutical solutions. However, if you're looking for a classic and luxury finish for your scented oil ranges, then this bottle really is perfect.
100ml Clear Glass Apothecary Bottle With Glass Stopper
Qty: 1RBG430100Cx1 9.45
Qty: 10RBG430100Cx10 89.81
Qty: 25RBG430100Cx25 212.70
Qty: 48RBG430100Cx48 385.67
Qty: 144RBG430100Cx144 1123.00
Qty: 240RBG430100Cx240 1758.24
Qty: 480RBG430100Cx480 3403.05
Qty: 960RBG430100Cx960 6352.35
Qty: 1200RBG430100Cx1200 7656.85
Qty: 2160RBG430100Cx2160 13271.88

250ml Amber Glass Apothecary Bottle With Glass Stopper

250ml wide neck, amber apothecary bottle complete with matching amber glass snug fit stopper.

Known as a Reagent bottle and ideal for the storage of both liquids and powders. The amber glass protects light sensitive substances, making it perfect for use within laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry.
250ml Amber Glass Apothecary Bottle With Glass Stopper
Qty: 1RBG430250Ax1 10.86
Qty: 10RBG430250Ax10 103.14
Qty: 30RBG430250Ax30 293.12
Qty: 60RBG430250Ax60 553.67
Qty: 120RBG430250Ax120 1074.77
Qty: 180RBG430250Ax180 1514.46
Qty: 300RBG430250Ax300 2442.67
Qty: 600RBG430250Ax600 4559.64
Qty: 900RBG430250Ax900 6595.19
Qty: 1050RBG430250Ax1050 7409.41

250ml Clear Glass Apothecary Bottle With Glass Stopper

250ml apothecary bottle and snug fitting clear glass stopper top.

A quality look bottle, tough and ideal for adding a vintage look and finish to your product.

Fill with spirits for a quirky drinks decanter, use for wedding centre pieces (just add flowers), wedding favours (fill with sugared almonds etc), vintage look sweet jars or scented oil bottles.

As with all Ampulla products, single quantities can be purchased, making this ideal for shop displays, art classes and still life projects.
250ml Clear Glass Apothecary Bottle With Glass Stopper
Qty: 1RBG430250Cx1 10.86
Qty: 10RBG430250Cx10 103.14
Qty: 30RBG430250Cx30 293.12
Qty: 60RBG430250Cx60 553.67
Qty: 120RBG430250Cx120 1074.77
Qty: 180RBG430250Cx180 1514.46
Qty: 300RBG430250Cx300 2442.67
Qty: 600RBG430250Cx600 4559.64
Qty: 900RBG430250Cx900 6595.19
Qty: 1050RBG430250Cx1050 7409.41

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