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Glass Dropper Bottles

Glass Dropper Bottles Glass Dropper Bottles In Clear, Blue, Green & Amber Colours Ampulla is one of the UK's leading suppliers in glass dropper bottles. Our massive range of glass dropper bottles have so many possible uses, thanks to their compatibility with many different caps. They are widely used within the beauty and aromatherapy industries for packaging oils and perfumes, but are also suitable for chemical solutions, pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies, beard oils, hair serums, beauty oils, food extracts, inks and dyes. All of our dropper bottles are manufactured to the highest standards using strong, high quality glass. Sizes Available Our range of glass dropper bottles are small bottles by nature, but are still available in a wide variety of sizes, including: 2.5ml, 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. Colours Available These small dropper bottles come in a choice of clear, amber, green and blue tinted glass. The amber dropper bottles have the added bonus of being able to filter harmful UV rays, which makes them a great option for packaging light sensitive products such as medicines. Browse our clear dropper bottles, green dropper bottles, amber dropper bottles and blue dropper bottles categories. Compatible Caps Our glass dropper bottles are all available to buy without a cap, but these versatile bottles are also compatible with a wide range of caps! These caps include: screw caps, tamper evident dropper and pipette caps, child resistant dropper caps, atomiser sprays, nasal sprays and lotion pumps. NB: The aluminium screw cap does not come with a dropper insert.
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