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Lip Balm Tubes & Cosmetic Applicators

Lip Balm Tubes Cosmetic Applicators

Lip Balm Tubes & Cosmetic Applicators

Our plastic and glass applicator bottles are perfect for packaging a range of cosmetic products. This range consists of a 4.3gm plastic lip balm tube, 8ml plastic lip gloss bottle, 10ml glass and plastic roll on bottles, 10ml plastic brush applicator bottle and a 10ml glass atomiser spray bottle.

Lip Balm Tubes

Whether you are looking for a new hobby or craft and just want to try your hand in creating lip balms, our lip balm tubes are ideal. Our plastic lip balm tubes are available to buy in either natural or white varieties and both come in 4.3gm sizes (the standard lip balm tube size). They feature push on caps and have a twist base, which pushes the balm to the top of the tube until it is used up.

Lip Gloss Tubes

For a roll-on fragrance, lip gloss, or even a quick and easy aromatherapy oil application - try our roller ball containers! Lip gloss tubes differ from lip balm tubes, as they come with either a roller ball top or with a brush applicator to make it easy for your customers to apply the gloss. They are available in clear plastic, clear glass or amber glass varieties.

Glass Atomiser Spray Bottle

This 10ml bottle is made from amber glass and comes with a black atomiser cap, which dispenses a fine mist spray. This bottle is perfect for packaging products such as perfumes, aromatherapy sprays, throat sprays, hand sanitisers, insect repellents, hair serums and more.

10ml Amber Glass Rollette Bottle & 17mm Black Atomiser Spray

Small 10ml amber glass bottle with black finger press, fine mist atomiser spray cap. A handy glass bottle, ideal for carrying with you on the go.

This glass spray bottle is suitable for a wide range of products, such as throat sprays, perfumes, hair serums, herbal remedies, aromatherapy products and cosmetics.

The amber glass helps to filter out potentially damaging UV rays, which is ideal for protecting light sensitive products.
10ml Amber Glass Rollette Bottle & 17mm Black Atomiser Spray
Qty: 1G10MLAROLL/BAtomx1 0.97
Qty: 25G10MLAROLL/BAtomx25 23.03
Qty: 50G10MLAROLL/BAtomx50 43.64
Qty: 100G10MLAROLL/BAtomx100 82.45
Qty: 250G10MLAROLL/BAtomx250 193.99
Qty: 594G10MLAROLL/BAtomx594 432.11
Qty: 1188G10MLAROLL/BAtomx1188 835.41
Qty: 2376G10MLAROLL/BAtomx2376 1613.21
Qty: 4752G10MLAROLL/BAtomx4752 3111.19

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