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Plastic Sandwich Containers

Plastic sandwich containers group

Plastic sandwich containers
Our plastic sandwich, wrap and baguette containers are absolutely ideal for us eby catering companies, cafes, delicatessens, farm shops, takeaways, coffee shops, fast food outlets and health food shops.

This range of convenience food containers includes a tortilla wrap container, baguette container, deep fill and triple fill wedge sandwich containers - all with hinged press down lids to prevent contamination while on display and during transit.

Our plastic sandwich containers are lightweight, crystal clear and have strong sealing lids - they are manufactured under a strict, quality controlled process, using 100% recyclable PVC - one of the most sustainable plastics (less oil is used and the plastic is 57% salt).

There are no minimum order requirements with our products, so you can use our sandwich containers for one-off events or special edition sandwiches, as well as in continued, large scale sandwich lines.

Plastic Tortilla Wrap Container

100% recyclable clear plastic take-away tortilla wrap box with hinged lid. Deli style plastic container to fit 2 halves of a tortilla wrap.

Ideal for cafes, bars, coffee shops, event catering and more. These plastic tortilla boxes are suitable for eat in or take away. Practical plastic packaging for your deli wraps.
Plastic Tortilla Wrap Container
Qty: 320FTORTx320 30.42

Plastic Triple Fill Wedge Sandwich Container

Triple fill plastic wedge sandwich container with hinged press down lid. Large take-away plastic sandwich box for catering businesses, cafes, coffee shops, delis and more.

Perfect for customers who think one sandwich isn't enough - fit 3 sandwich halves into this triple-fill clear plastic sandwich wedge. Will fit a total sandwich height (halves laid on top of each other) of 73mm.
Plastic Triple Fill Wedge Sandwich Container
Qty: 500ZZ040x500 32.61

Plastic 9inch Baguette Container

Hinged clear plastic container with press down lid to fit 9inch baguette. Made from 100% recyclable plastic, so your baguette packaging can be environmentally friendly.

Keep your baguettes contained in these optimum visibility plastic baguette containers. Our plastic sandwich containers are ideal for catering, cafes, bars, coffee shops and more.
Plastic 9inch Baguette Container
Qty: 250FBAG9"x250 41.72

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