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Plastic Spray Bottles

Plastic spray bottles with spray heads

Plastic Spray Bottles

Our plastic spray bottles are suitable for a wide range of products which require a large spray application. They are perfect for packaging cleaning products such as window cleaner, bathroom cleaner and antibacterial surface cleaners, as well as products such as pet care products, gardening sprays, air and linen fresheners or simply for using as a water spray bottle.

Materials & Colours

Our plastic spray bottles are made from either PET or HDPE plastic. PET gives a clear or glossy finish, while HDPE has a semi-transparent or opaque matt finish. The bottles come in either clear, natural (semi-transparent) or white plastic varieties.

Trigger Head Spray Caps

All our plastic spray bottles come with a choice of trigger head sprays, which come in many colours. These caps each have the option to set them at stream or spray settings, as well as an on/off option.

Sizes Available

Our plastic spray bottles are available in 3 sizes: 500ml, 750ml and 1 litre.

As with all our products here at Ampulla, there is no minimum order quantity. You can order as few or as many as you like!

Our friendly staff are here to help: 0161 367 1414