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1 Litre 'Jay Cube' Natural UN Plastic Bottle & 42mm White T/E CR Screw Cap

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Square UN certified bottle

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Capacity 1 Litre
Cap size 42mm
Cap Type Tamper Evident Child Resistant
Weight 87g
Material HDPE
Colour Natural
Height without cap 208mm
Height with cap 212mm
Width 85mm
Depth 70mm
Pallet Quantity 1344

1 litre UN certified 'Jay-Cube' wide necked HDPE Bottle comes complete with child resistant screw top 42mm cap, with distinctive red tamper evident band.

A plastic rigid container, ideal for storing, transporting and decanting liquids & hazardous products including chemicals & solvents, square in shape offering brilliant space saving and product display advantages.

Qty: 11LTRUNN-42WCRx1 1.63
Qty: 101LTRUNN-42WCRx10 15.43
Qty: 201LTRUNN-42WCRx20 29.25
Qty: 401LTRUNN-42WCRx40 55.23
Qty: 801LTRUNN-42WCRx80 103.97
Qty: 961LTRUNN-42WCRx96 118.52
Qty: 1601LTRUNN-42WCRx160 194.95
Qty: 2501LTRUNN-42WCRx250 303.61
Qty: 2881LTRUNN-42WCRx288 333.36
Qty: 6721LTRUNN-42WCRx672 764.17
Qty: 13441LTRUNN-42WCRx1344 1419.19

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