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250ml Amber Glass Apothecary Bottle With Glass Stopper

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Apothecary Amber bottle

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Product Glass Apothecary Bottle
Capacity 250ml
Colour Amber
Material Glass
Closure glass Stopper
Weight 320g (incl. stopper)
Height without stopper 122mm
Height With stopper 140mm
Bottle Diameter 70mm
Stopper Top Diameter 60mm

250ml wide neck, amber apothecary bottle complete with matching amber glass snug fit stopper.

Known as a Reagent bottle and ideal for the storage of both liquids and powders. The amber glass protects light sensitive substances, making it perfect for use within laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry.

Qty: 1RBG430250Ax1 10.86
Qty: 10RBG430250Ax10 103.14
Qty: 30RBG430250Ax30 293.12
Qty: 60RBG430250Ax60 553.67
Qty: 120RBG430250Ax120 1074.77
Qty: 180RBG430250Ax180 1514.46
Qty: 300RBG430250Ax300 2442.67
Qty: 600RBG430250Ax600 4559.64
Qty: 900RBG430250Ax900 6595.19
Qty: 1050RBG430250Ax1050 7409.41

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