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5ml Blue PP Plastic Measuring Scoop

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Blue plastic scoop 5ml

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Capacity 5ml
Length 75mm
Weight 1g
Material Polypropylene
Colour Blue
Height 13mm
Diameter 25mm

5ml blue polypropylene plastic scoop. This small, sky blue scoop is great for measuring ingredients such as salt, sugar, flour and herbs.

Order in large, small or even individual quantities.

NB; Please note that the photo is for illustration only and the colour of the blue may vary slightly.

Qty: 15MLBLSCOOPx1 0.17
Qty: 255MLBLSCOOPx25 4.07
Qty: 505MLBLSCOOPx50 7.95
Qty: 1005MLBLSCOOPx100 15.47
Qty: 2505MLBLSCOOPx250 36.57
Qty: 5005MLBLSCOOPx500 68.96
Qty: 10005MLBLSCOOPx1000 133.74
Qty: 25005MLBLSCOOPx2500 323.90
Qty: 38005MLBLSCOOPx3800 460.57

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