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250ml Clear Glass Mountain Bottle & 28mm T/E Screw Cap (MCA)

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250ml Glass Juice bottle

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Label Height Guide
Capacity 250ml
Cap size 28mm
Cap Type Black tamper evident screw on cap
Weight 181g
Material Glass
Colour Clear
Height 202mm
Diameter 56.8mm
Box Quantity n/a
Pallet Quantity -
Lid colour options available

250ml mountain bottle, clear glass, comes with a 28mm black plastic tamper evident MCA screw on cap, Can be used for carbonated drinks.

An attractive clear glass bottle, great for product enhancing. The tamper evident caps can be screwed on by hand, making this bottle ideal for individuals and small business owners.

Choice of colour cap available: red, blue, white, gold, black, please state the colour of your choice when placing your order, otherwise black will be sent.

Qty: 1G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex1 0.43
Qty: 12G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex12 5.14
Qty: 25G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex25 10.44
Qty: 50G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex50 19.78
Qty: 100G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex100 37.36
Qty: 250G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex250 87.91
Qty: 500G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex500 164.84
Qty: 1000G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex1000 296.71
Qty: 2460G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex2460 702.87

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