1.5 Litre Clear PET Plastic Jar & 100mm I.H.S Lid


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1500ml Clear Plastic Jar With Induction Heat Seal Lid

The 1500ml Clear Plastic Jar With Induction Heat Seal Lid is made from quality PET plastic, which is 100% recyclable. It’s a lightweight and shatterproof container with a wide neck, which makes it ideal for a quick, clean and easy fill. The deep glossy black plastic gives this jar a distinctive look. It’s perfect for getting your product noticed in a crowded market!

PET plastic is food-grade approved, so if you’re looking for a suitable container to store your sport nutritional powders, protein shakes and supplements, look no further! This option comes with an induction heat seal lid, which creates a tamper evident seal and helps preserve the freshness of the product inside the jar. The uses aren’t limited to edible substances, though – this jar is also perfect for storing car polishes and waxes, DIY products, pet foods and more!

Our ‘Power-Packer’ Plastic Jars come in 2 other colour options. Choose from black or white plastic – perfect if you have a range of products and want a different look for each! If you need your packaging delivered in quantities to suit your business just when you need them, we can help. Take advantage of our economies of scale and just in time supply chains – regardless of your order size. Buy as few as one unit at a great price! If you’re buying in bulk, we’ll automatically apply a large discount to your order at the checkout. We do advise all customers to undertake product testing before committing to large volumes. Please speak to our customer service team if you have any queries.

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The 1500ml Clear Plastic Jar With Induction Heat Seal Lid offers lots of benefits. The liner in the lid offers resistance against chemicals, moisture, acids and solvents etc. (A foil liner, which once heated adheres to the container neck – providing a clear indication as to whether the product has been opened since production. This feature only works when used with induction heat.) The I.H.S liner can also be used without the heat option. The lid comes in two colour options: white or black.

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Additional information

Weight 0.066 kg

1.5 Litre

Bottle/ Jar Colour



116mm (width/depth)




PET Plastic





Product Type

With Screw Cap

Choose Your Cap Colour

Black, White