10ml Plastic Syringe, Adaptor and Instruction Card


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10ml Plastic Syringe, Adaptor and Instruction Card

The 10ml Plastic Syringe is available from Ampulla for controlling doses of medicines and viscous liquids. The syringe comes complete with an instruction card, as well as an adapter to fit a range of medical bottles, such as our glass sirop bottles. They make the perfect accessory for products such as children’s medicines and formulas as you can control the dose. Additionally, they can be used to dispense medicines for animals who may not like taking pills.

Our range of Plastic Syringes is food safe and of the highest quality. You can clearly see the dosage of each syringe to ensure you are giving the right amount. This syringe is suitable for home, veterinary, dental and medical use. If you require a smaller dosage amount, we also offer a 5ml syringe.

If you need your packaging delivered in quantities to suit your business just when you need them, we can help. Take advantage of our economies of scale and just in time supply chains – regardless of your order size. Buy as few as one unit at a great price! If you’re buying in bulk, we’ll automatically apply a large discount to your order at the checkout. We do advise all customers to undertake product testing before committing to large volumes.

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All our plastic syringes are recyclable and food safe. If you have any questions about our products, please contact our customer service team – they’re on hand to answer any queries you might have.

Product Summary
  • Price for 10ml Plastic Syringe
  • Other sizes available: 1ml & 5ml
  • Can be fully recycled.
  • Food grade approved.
  • Includes instruction booklet.
  • No minimum order value.
  • Large discounts on bulk orders.
  • Fast UK & European Delivery.

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