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27ml Securitainer & 26mm T/E Push On Cap

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Mini plastic tablet container

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Capacity 27ml
Cap size 26mm
Cap Type White tamper evident push on cap
Weight 6g
Material Polypropylene
Colour White
Height 51mm
Diameter 26mm
Box Quantity 1,250
Pallet Quantity 15,000

27ml Securitainer pharmaceutical container. A wide neck container, lid is pushed on by hand creating a tamper evident seal. Made from high grade polypropylene plastic.

A white, smooth sided plastic container, used throughout the Pharmaceutical industry making it perfect for the storage of many pharmaceutical products and industrial powders, tablets, pills, vitamins, granules and capsules etc.

Qty: 125mljjsecx1 0.32
Qty: 2525mljjsecx25 7.81
Qty: 5025mljjsecx50 14.84
Qty: 10025mljjsecx100 28.12
Qty: 25025mljjsecx250 68.33
Qty: 50025mljjsecx500 132.76
Qty: 125025mljjsecx1250 312.37
Qty: 250025mljjsecx2500 585.70
Qty: 500025mljjsecx5000 1132.36
Qty: 750025mljjsecx7500 1581.39
Qty: 1200025mljjsecx12000 2563.96
Qty: 1500025mljjsecx15000a 2900.62
Qty: 1875025mljjsecx18750 3514.21

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